ABU Series tint film for car windows Tints

tint film for car windows Tints

Our main line for tinting car windows is the ABU series, which has four essential features that address the main causes of why people tint their cars. We provide car tinting at a price Malaysians can afford with this series.

These characteristics are:

1. Ultraviolet Protection:

The ABU series of window tinting for cars blocks the majority of UV rays that are hazardous and keeps them from entering the vehicle.

2. Thermal Dissipation:

ABU series car window tinting provides good thermal dissipation, maintaining a comfortable interior temperature and preventing overheating.

3. Glare Reduction:

By reducing harsh radiation and reflections from entering through the windows, the ABU series’ glare reduction features increase the safety of your driving. Intense radiation is also prevented from harming your eyes.


With its shatterproof technology, the ABU series makes your automobile physically secure by making your windows difficult to break and holding them together even if they do.

IAGO Series for car window tinting

Our cutting-edge IAGO series of window tint near me for cars includes extra features for your comfort. The cost of IAGO automobile window tint film is the most affordable.

1. Ultraviolet Protection:

The IAGO line of car tinting offers the best defence against UV rays that are bad for your skin. You run the risk of developing skin cancer and early ageing without the IAGO series.

2. Thermal Dissipation:

With the IAGO series, you can maintain a comfortable environment inside your car no matter how hot or cold it is thanks to its thermal dissipation feature.

3. Clear Visibility:

The IAGO series allows you complete control over radiation filtering without sacrificing visual clarity because it doesn’t interfere with visible light.

4. No Signal Disruption:

Car window tinting would raise concerns among many people that it would interfere with network signals for mobile and internet services. But there won’t be any network signal interference if you acquire IAGO series film tint for your automobile windows.

5. Shatterproof:

Get your automobile coloured with the IAGO series to experience the utmost in security. With its fine micro-make, IAGO series window tints offer improved protection against window shattering.

RAJAH Series for Premium car tint films

Rajah is our best-selling series at Alatin. It has all the benefits of a regular ceramic tint film , but it also comes with some additional features that have increased its demand in Malaysia.

1. UV Protection:

The RAJAH series window tints successfully block 99% of UV rays, demonstrating outstanding protection against these rays.

2. Signal Disruption:

Our RAJAH series is made to completely avoid interfering with the signals from your electronic devices because we understand how important it is for you to stay connected while driving.

3. Thermal Dissipation:

Get a comfortable temperature to prevent the damaging effects of the intense heat on the interior of your car. Get your automobile coloured with our RAJAH series for excellent and efficient thermal dissipation.

4. Clear Visibility:

Our RAJAH series protects you from dangerous radiations while allowing a clean route for visible light so that you can maintain a high standard of driving safety.

5. Shatterproof:

With our RAJAH series, which makes your automobile glass almost shatterproof and shields you from dangerous rays, intruders, and the sun, you may get protection and safety.

IONIX Series

With our recently launched IONIX line, you can make a statement while enjoying all the benefits of tint film for tinting.

With its cutting-edge features, the IONIX series has revolutionised the car window tinting industry.

1. Air Purification:

The IONIX series window tints in your automobile also purify the air while shielding you from excessive sunshine. When pollutants enter your car, it breaks them down and efficiently blocks them out.

2. Negative Ions Technology:

Utilize the IONIX series to colour your vehicle. The tints emit negative ions when exposed to dangerous substances, efficiently breaking them down on minuscule scales and lowering health risks.

Don’t settle for subpar window tinting near me; choose for Alatin for the best results for your vehicle.

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