10 Helpful Tips when going Camping


Camping is wonderful! Affordable, close to nature and convenient with everything close by. But there are some things to keep in mind that will greatly enhance your summer vacation if you plan to spend it on one or more campgrounds. Avoid these 10 mistakes and become a camping professional!

  1. Book in time!

In recent years, new records have been broken time and time again in the number of camping nights during the summer. Around the country, the campsites are filled with experienced camping professionals and new first-time campers.

Of course, it would have been great to be able to spontaneously go camping when the spirit catches on during the holidays. Unfortunately, this does not really work on the larger campsites. When it comes to the most popular places, you may need to book as much as a year in advance before departure. So the advice is simply to book in advance if you really want to be sure of getting a seat.

  1. You go where everyone else goes

Just like any other holiday trip, camping requires a bit of planning.

How do you get there, what is nearby and what do you need to bring with you? A tip is to look up previous guests’ reviews of the campsite and the surrounding area.

Do not choose camping based on where everyone else is going or on ads. Find out what you want to get out of your trip and then look for campsites that match your needs.

  1. You do not think the campsites have changed since you were a child

Maybe you are new to the camping world or have not camped since you were a child.

Then I can tell you that a lot has happened since. Of course, you can still camp easily and cook in a basic camping kitchen, but the new campsite holds more opportunities than that.

The five-star campsites are now comparable to any luxury charter holiday. Activities, spa areas and excellent restaurants are just a fraction of what the campsites have to offer.

  1. You neglect the tent

Sure, a camping cabin is a bit more comfortable, but have you checked out how much money you save by camping in a tent instead?

The modern tents are much more spacious and easy to set up. Camping also allows you to choose your own place with greater freedom. Cozy and cheap as just that.

  1. You forget to greet others

An unspoken rule in the camping world is that you greet when you meet other campers.

You do not have to share your entire life story – but you should look up and say hello. It is a simple gesture that often lays the foundation for the cozy atmosphere at the campsite.

  1. You do not follow the unwritten rules

In the camping world there are your own unwritten rules and for your own sake: follow it!

There are neither many nor particularly difficult rules and many of them are about common sense. For example, leaving the general camping kitchen clean and tidy behind you or throwing the rubbish in the right place are some of the most important.You can also check the news blog for the latest updates.

  1. You think camping is just for families with children

There is a campsite for everyone. If you are looking for a quiet camping experience, a tip is to check out the smaller campsites that do not have an activity program or pool area.

  1. You do not leave the camping area

Of course, it can be nice to just take it easy during the holidays – but try to take a day when you at least leave the camping area.


Some campsites allow you to rent a bike for cheap money. Get out and look around the area. Maybe you will find a small strawberry place beyond all the hustle and bustle of the campsite or a restaurant that serves excellent mussels. Finding these places early in the holiday also gives you the opportunity to return to them if you so wish.

  1. You do not know all the activities

The development has also progressed when it comes to camping. Whether you are looking for exercise or a gourmet meal, the campsites often offer something to your liking.

After the beach, breakfast buffet, yoga on the pier or a game of go-karting with the kids. Nowadays, there is usually a whole list of activities that the campsites offer.

  1. Bring the grill

Grilling is part of the summer, so it is important that you have a grill and the right equipment so you do not miss that piece.

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