13 Creative employee onboarding ideas to impress your new hires

13 Creative employee onboarding ideas to impress your new hires

A set timetable often does wonders for any organisation but it can also get a little boring. So, to break the monotony some creative ideas can be infused alongside the regular onboarding program to take the welcome process of the candidate to the next level.

Does your company also follow the best onboarding programs? Well, good software always sets the bar high. Alongside that, there are some fun ways through which we can impress our new hires like never before.

1. Arrange an informal lunch meeting

Arrange a lunch meeting with the new candidate’s immediate reporting manager and also the team. This will make them comfortable in each other’s company and will lay grounds for better communication. Make sure it happens in an informal setting either on the first day or before that.

2. Make the first-day fun

Let the employee take a tour around the office and meet and greet everyone. This makes them feel included in the team and makes the start of the work process easier.

3. Host a happy hour at the office

The company can introduce the concept of happy hour, it is like a social event to attend where office staff can gather together, play games and have some fun.

4. Send a daily schedule

The office should send him a daily schedule so that the person knows what exactly he has to do that day. Clarity is always a good thing and when it’s made clear on the first day itself it can really make a difference.

5. Give them an easy first week

If possible and goes by the company’s policies, give the new candidate a light first week. This enables the person to research, understand and work with a cool mind. Pressure working right from day 1 will not provide fruitful results in the future. Prepare them for a tough battle slowly and gradually.

6. Make the learning easy through a discussion

The company can set up a quiz related to the company’s policies and working patterns. Later, a light quiz can be prepared. That way the learning can be made easy and also fun.

7. Make them wear the same colour for one day

Uniformity involves acceptance and that is the ultimate aim behind all these creative ideas. To make the new employee feel engaged and welcomed in the new setting before starting the formal working system.

8. Teach them something that is new

Teach them the basics of a new skill and give them time to learn more about it. That will inculcate the habit of continuous handwork and learning.

9. Welcome them with a digital video

It can be through zoom or google, whatever software the company uses. The main aim is to welcome them with a nice introduction making them feel included in the team.

10. Give them a small gift/treat

It can be anything right from a company’s keychain, a pen, a mug, a picture or a good luck card. They are going to love the gesture.

11. Tell them who their reporting manager is

Tell the new candidate’s reporting manager to send them their picture along with some motivational text to let them know to who they have to report every day.

12. Allow coffee breaks

Coffee breaks can spark the start of new friendships which can be beneficial for the company. They can get to know their senior colleagues as well. 


So just by incorporating these small things into the business, we can transform the new hires into long-term company assets. If they feel welcomed, appreciated and valued it is highly unlikely that they will want to leave. So let’s embrace each other and thrive in each other’s company.

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