5 Must Visit Places of 2022

If you’re looking for the best spot to visit in 2022, look no further. Make certain you have a valid passport.

Only two of the top destinations are in the United States, according to an exclusive poll conducted by Ovation Travel Group’s agents. The rest are in far-flung destinations that many Americans have never heard of.

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The list of 5 best destinations to travel to in 2022, according to Paul Metselaar, CEO of Ovation Travel Group, illustrates a historic yearning to traverse borders and have a new experience.

He says, “We’re seeing a lot of pent-up demand for overseas travel.” “It’s unquestionably the most since 2019.”
The following are the top 5 destinations to visit in 2022.

According to Ovation’s list of the top leisure locations produced exclusively for Forbes, here are the 5 finest places to visit in 2022.

1. Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Why should you go? Taormina is a busy and charming town perched on a hill with views of Mt. Etna and its postcard-perfect beaches. According to travel experts, it is the number one destination on this list of the 5 greatest locations to visit in 2022 because of its pleasant atmosphere and people. Couples and families seeking five-star accommodations should visit. In Taormina, the Four Seasons and Belmond both have lovely properties.

A day excursion to Mt. Etna is a must-do. “Hike into the lava craters and learn about the volcano’s history and eruptions,” suggests Jill Fischbarg, a luxury travel specialist with Ovation Travel Group. “Completion your day with a visit to one of the area’s wineries, where you may sample the region’s famous Etna Rosso and Bianco wines.”

5 Must Visit Places of 2022

2. The city of London

Why should you go? “London is truly one of the world’s best cities, and it’s shining brighter than it has in years,” says Andrew Steinberg of Modern Travel, an Ovation Travel Group partner. “London combines the ancient and new, making it appealing to both young and old travelers.”

Who should go: Theater buffs, foodies (world-class restaurants), shopaholics (shopping is a sport in this city), history buffs (a visit to Winston Churchill’s war room is a must), and those with an insatiable taste for British royalty.

Claridge’s recently remodeled suites and restaurants, particularly Davies and Brook (from Daniel Humm); the Connaught bar, which is the best in Mayfair, and the new Red Bar are not to be missed (featuring red artwork from top female artists including Louise Bourgeois).

5 Must Visit Places of 2022

3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

Why should you go? Santa Fe is one of North America’s most historically significant cities. It’s also the highest-rated American location among the 5 best places to visit in 2022. “Santa Fe has much to offer any traveller,” says Jessica Levy, a luxury travel consultant with Ovation Travel Group. “It boasts a historic downtown, art galleries, Native American culture, and the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.” Couples, multigenerational families, and groups of friends should attend.

The Santa Fe Opera and the Auberge hotel, Bishop’s Lodge, are not to be missed.

5 Must Visit Places of 2022

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4. Dubai (UAE)

Why: With its world-renowned restaurants and beautiful beaches, Dubai exudes glitz and grandeur. “Dubai combines Middle Eastern culture with desert geography to create a unique quality that is hard to find anywhere else in the globe,” says Sylvia Lebovitch, president and creator of SL Travel Advisors, an Ovation Travel Group affiliate. “Guests can dine in a Michelin-starred restaurant led by a famous chef or in a conventional Middle Eastern restaurant.” Atlantis Royal’s upcoming opening promises to be one of the year’s most stunning achievements.” Couples, families, and singles should all attend. From the indoor ski park to the beaches, there is something for everyone.

Don’t miss: Spending the day dune bashing and sandboarding in the desert, a local sport.

5 Must Visit Places of 2022

5. Anguilla

Why should you go? According to Aanchal Gandhi, vice president of leisure and independent consultants at Ovation Travel Group, the powder-white sands shine beside the crystal-clear blue seas, painting for the picture-perfect beachfront.

“Anguilla has a wonderful soul,” she continues, “that is praised by the locals while preserving humble hospitality.” “This is apparent the instant you step onto Anguilla. The island is home to award-winning restaurants as well as beachside shacks serving up some of the best jerk-style meats. You may enjoy the hypnotic luxury while immersing yourself in the indigenous island life. Anguilla is a popular Caribbean holiday spot that visitors return to time and time again.” Beachgoers are encouraged to attend. There are 33 uncrowded beaches to discover in Anguilla. Snorkelers can also enjoy massive coral gardens on Dog Island or Shoal Bay.

Exploring the island in a Moke, an open-air rental vehicle is a must-do. Take a five-minute boat excursion to Scilly Cay for fresh seafood. Make a point of meeting Alexander, who has taken over his family’s business and offers one of the island’s best rum punches.

5 Must Visit Places of 2022

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