5 Unknown Facts About Cannabis Syrup

5 Unknown Facts About Cannabis Syrup


The cannabis sector is among the most inventive and creative, and the market has never remained static for long. Do you enjoy the full-body high that edibles provide but find that it takes too long for them to take effect, or do you have a medical condition that makes eating them difficult for you?

Do you love the concept of cannabis concentrates but don’t wanna smoke? Or do you simply want to test out the most cutting-edge products available so you can live the “high” life in a completely new way?

If any of your answers are yes, then let’s introduce you to the latest Cannabis invention – The cannabis syrup! You can also find it on http://weeddeliveryvancouver.io/product-category/cannabis-edibles/syrup

What is cannabis syrup?

A cannabis concentrate is combined with coconut oil, sugar, and vegetable glycerin to create cannabis Syrup, a liquid. The texture resembles thick cough syrups in consistency. The results are comparable to eating edibles.

Since it is a valuable cannabis product, this liquid form of cannabis is gaining popularity. Additionally, compared to conventional edibles, liquid THC might result in higher highs that stay longer. Therefore, the experience might continue longer and give a more robust body high when cannabis syrup is used.

Cannabis syrup is a syrup that contains cannabinoids. It resembles the simple sugar syrup used to sweeten beverages like lemonade, coffee, and tea. It can even be used for the same things!

Some fantastic unknown facts about cannabis syrup:

Cannabis syrup can be used in many ways.

The versatility of cannabis syrup allows for a wide range of applications. Either directly on the tongue and mouth or sublingually. It can be put directly in the mouth as you do with cannabis tinctures. Cannabis syrups can also be added to beverages.

Non-alcoholic beverages like soda or ginger beer can add tiny amounts of syrup. Stir the mixture, then take one sip at a time. Wait for a while. Drinks should be taken slowly since your stomach requires time to digest the THC; do not think you need another one after 15 or 30 minutes.

You may even take shots of your cannabis syrup to consume it as “alcohol.” similar to how you would approach tequila shots.

Cannabis syrup could be your new secret ingredient in various sweet dishes as a dietary supplement. It can be added to anything, including ice cream, jello shots, pancakes, and waffles.

Before opening the bottle and tasting the syrup, continually clog it with your hand.

 Cannabis syrup is NOT the same as Lean.

In the United States, Cannabis syrup has frequently been promoted as a safer alternative to “lean”; however, marijuana liquid is entirely unrelated to the beverage currently experiencing a resurgence in hip-hop culture. Over the last 50 years, there have been several varieties of Lean drinks, and pot syrups may be highly deadly. To set the record straight, cannabis syrup is not Lean.

Comparing Cannabis syrup to Lean is equivalent to comparing cannabis to dangerous drugs like heroin. Both chemicals have the potential to be fatal and damaging. Cannabis syrup is far from being as dangerous as these fatal drugs. Lean mixes its ingredients with Coke, codeine cough medicine, promethazine (an antihistamine), and occasionally alcohol.

 Cannabis syrup is safe to enjoy

Cannabis syrups are healthier than smoking pots since they are edible. Therefore, drinking syrup to get high is a better, safer option than smoking cigarettes and using marijuana. But, of course, that is entirely a personal decision. Some people want their marijuana well-rolled in a king-size paper—end of the debate.

However, it appears that the trend of Cannabis syrups will continue for some time. Many people find it a terrific, cheaper alternative to hash or flower, and it’s convenient in areas where marijuana usage is still illegal and where consumers frequently look for products that ensure discreet use.

 Cannabis syrup offers a host of benefits.

You can obtain all the advantages of other cannabis products, like edibles, shatter, wax, or buds, by choosing cannabis syrup. Cannabis syrup has various benefits, including reducing nausea, boosting appetite, reducing chronic pain, relaxing muscles, and promoting restful sleep.

Cannabis syrup, unlike other cannabis products, won’t ever irritate your lungs, and if eating is now challenging for you, Cannabis syrup is unquestionably the simplest way to consume cannabis.

The great discretion of cannabis syrup is one of the most significant benefits. If you don’t want anyone to know, they don’t need to know that you’re using cannabis. Having Cannabis syrup on hand makes getting high or finding relief as simple as sipping soda. Of course, the folks surrounding you could detect a tinge of raspberry or watermelon if you had chosen a flavored cannabis syrup, but that’s it.

Cannabis syrups come in a variety of flavors.

Many different flavors of Cannabis syrups are available on the market, including watermelon, grape, blueberry, orange, and lemon. Others, which are non-flavored, are entirely organic. You can even create your flavors and make cannabis syrup at home too! You should always be cautious if you have any food allergies because artificial flavoring extracts may be used to create these tastes.

Why use cannabis syrup?

Cannabis foods, cannabis flowers, and cannabis vape cartridges are already available. So why do we need to include cannabis syrups in the extensive list of cannabis products we use daily?

In actuality, cannabis syrup is a surprise success. It’s a remedy that nobody realized they needed until they got it. It generates a high that lasts for a while, is far more adaptable than edibles, doesn’t stink up your back porch, and won’t make you cough. In addition, it’s simple to use cannabis whenever you want and however you want with this discreet option.

Why use cannabis syrup?



One approach to taking cannabis without being concerned about its adverse effects is using cannabis syrup. It provides all the same advantages in a covert, delectable, and practical manner.

You can even create it in the convenience of your kitchen by following a basic recipe.

Although it is more concentrated than other product choices, following the recommended dose instructions can be an efficient and quick-acting way to deliver medical marijuana.

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