6 Things to Know Before Choosing An Earring

Choosing An Earring

Earrings are fashionable jewelry pieces that are so popular amongst men and women. The reason for their unisex popularity is very simple – they make your face light up. They will also create a subtle, flattering glow on your skin.

In short, it can be a sublime way of making you extra attractive and outright alluring. Also, they can complement your eye’s sparkle. And that can be a plus because most people will directly look at your eyes when they give you a first glance.

However, the flattering glow can also bring out contrasting features on your face, hair, and overall outfit. Not any facial shape can rock any earring; different styles can clash with your face.

So, if you have an oval facial shape, you’ll be better off with oval earrings. A small face should stick to smaller earrings because larger earrings would look overwhelming. As such, you’ll need a careful balance to ensure your choice of earrings complements your face.

Apart from your face shape, there are other things you need to consider when choosing your earrings. That’s why we’ve made this guide on things to know before selecting an earring.

What to Consider When Choosing an Earring

1. It Must Complement the Occasion and Outfit

It Must Complement the Occasion and Outfit

First, know what you want before shopping. You can end up with odd-looking earrings that you don’t even need with impulse buying. Your earring need may also be tied to the occasion and outfit you will rock. The goal is to ensure your earrings complement your outfit.

If you plan to rock them to work, the earrings must offer a simple but professional look. So, you can rock work-appropriate earrings like silver or gold small hoops. But they should stay close to your face and make it the main focus. It should also go well with other jewelry you’re rocking – like a ring, necklace, or bracelet.

The classic solitaire ring can complement any earring, including your work-appropriate ones. It has a single diamond center gemstone for sparkle. Plus, it can come in various accents and designs that match your preference. The result is an understated elegance perfect for any occasion, especially work.

A more detailed or busy ring, on the other hand, will match well with much simpler earrings like studs or small hoops.

A simple earring will also be preferable for a casual day. However, an exquisite set of earrings is preferable for a night-out or gala event. Earring sets like chandelier earrings can come in handy for such gala events.

Your earring pick must match your outfit’s colors and prints to complement the occasion’s theme.

2. Face Shape

Your face shape is vital when choosing your earrings. You can rock any earring shape if you are lucky to have an oval face. Otherwise, any other face shape needs careful balance when selecting earrings to avoid a clash with it.

For a square shape or wider jawline, shorter chunky earrings should be a no-go zone. They’ll draw others’ eyes to your face shape and jawline. As such, a longer earring that’s dangling but not below your jawline can keep their eyes focused on your earring design. Do not let it go long past the jawline unless you wish to accentuate it further.

Each face shape has a best-suited earring style:

  • Long earrings would suit a round face, creating a slimming effect besides the skin glow.
  • Pear-shaped earrings or chandeliers are the perfect complement to a triangle-shaped face. So, if your upper face is wider than the bottom, these two will serve just right. Also, a heart-shaped face can be flattering if you use these two earrings.
  • Round earrings will create an illusion of a soft jawline if you have a strong jawline or a square-shaped face.
  • Solitaires, hoops, clusters, and round rings are perfect for a narrow face. They’ll create an illusion of extra facial width.

So, size your face, and you will know what pair of earrings are best.

3. Hairstyle

Your hairstyle is also crucial when selecting the earrings you want to rock:

  • Curly hair would match a pair of earrings with a curve similar to your hair.
  • Long hairstyles like long locks need bolder earrings for a bolder statement. But ensure it does not tangle in the tresses.
  • A short hairstyle can go well with studs or hoops.

You should also factor in your hair color:

  • Dark or red hair can perfectly rock yellow gold earring styles. The glow will be lost if you use yellow gold earrings on blonde hair.
  • Platinum or white gold earrings are best suited for silver or blonde hair.

So, you must select earrings based on your hairstyle and color to create the perfect face glow and eye sparkle. Even if you’re running late, let the earring complement your easy hairstyle.

4. Neck and Ear Lobe

Neck and Ear Lobe

Your neck’s length and ear lobe size will also influence your earrings choice. Wear a solitaire, and a simple drop that remains close to your ear lobe will be perfect for a short neck.

Longer earrings will make your neck look longer. So, if you want your neck to appear longer, dangling pieces may be a perfect choice.

Your earrings should match the size of your ear lobe. For example, solitaire earrings larger than your ear lobe will pull it down and tilt your lobe interfering with the proper facing of the earring.  Large earrings can reinforce support.

Plus, your earring of choice should perfectly fit your piercing size. If you’ve pierced your ears for years, you may have noticed that they’re slightly enlarged. And you don’t want to add wires to fill the extra piercing space. If you do that, your piercing will look even bigger.

So go for the correct size that will fit you perfectly.

5. Earring’s Material

You must also check out the material of the earrings, especially if you have sensitive skin. Earrings can be made of metals like gold, nickel alloys, silver, etc. So, if you’re allergic to a particular type of metal, avoid an earring made of it.

You can opt for non-metal materials or choose metals you’re not allergic to.

6. Price

After ticking all the above, you should now check the earrings’ price.  The most important thing is sticking to your budget. Quality earrings with an added allure adorned with gemstones are expensive. For example, real diamond earrings can cost you a fortune, but they make a bold statement and elegance.

The price may also vary with size and shape. So, go for what suits you and is within your budget.

Final Thoughts

Various earrings can be overwhelming to choose from if you don’t know what you’re looking for. Plus, there are a few things to consider before picking your beautiful pair of earrings.

You must match your pick with your face shape, neck length, ear lobe size, material, occasion, hairstyle, and color. Although some earrings may not match some factors, let them complement them. For example, your earring should match or at least complement your outfit and the occasion’s theme.

So carefully balance these factors to achieve maximum skin glow and your face light up. Beauty depends on the beholder’s eye. And earrings are the perfect way to create irresistible facial elegance and a special allure.

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