7 Ways to Upgrade Small Spaces in Your Home

7 Ways to Upgrade Small Spaces in Your Home

Are you living in a tiny house or have small rooms that could do with some upgrades to modernise them? Even if you’re a fan of minimalism, living in small spaces can leave you feeling crowded and frustrated.

From installing skylights to lowering your furniture, these smart design tricks will have you modernising your tiny home in no time at all! Keep reading for more ideas and have fun upgrading your small spaces for a contemporary look.

7 Ways to Upgrade Small Spaces in Your Home

1. Install Skylights

Installing skylights is one of the quickest and easiest ways to upgrade a small, dark. Bringing natural light into your home creates an illusion of bigger, airy spaces. Skylights enhance and bring new life to pokey bathrooms, narrow and dark hallways and small home studies.

Modern ceiling fixtures take skylights from being only functional to becoming attractive lighting features as well. Add-on ventilation kits make your skylight multi-purpose as it reduces humidity in small spaces such as bathrooms and laundries. With ultra-modern types, a remote switch allows you to operate the dimmer function while solar power ensures you get ambient lighting at night time.

2. Hang Funky Storage Rails

Instead of cluttering up a small kitchen or bedroom with cabinets or drawers, hang funky storage rails. Use the rails to hang pans, cooking utensils, egg baskets, coats and other clothing items. This way you can use up less floor space!

Storage rails are easy to install and you can get creative with hook designs to change the look while matching your room décor. Using interesting materials, such as brass for the railing ,gives the room a contemporary feel.

3. Turn Your Favourite Accessories Into Decorative Pieces

If you love accessories but never get around to wearing them, why not use them as decorative pieces? Hanging brightly-coloured hats, chunky jewellery and pretty scarves on walls and windows liven up a small space without cramming the room with worthless artifacts!

Also, using your accessories as decorative pieces saves you from using up valuable storage space, which is especially handy if you’re short on cupboards.

Here are some other ways to use your accessories in the home:

  • Use necklaces as pull-strings for ceiling fans.
  • Drape scarves over armchairs or use them to make blinds for small windows.
  • Hang handbags on your funky storage rails and use them to stash socks, gloves and other small clothing items.

4. Get Creative With Nooks and Crannies

Older houses often have nooks and crannies that could be fixed up and turned into cosy reading rooms, become shelving for a home library or even converted into a tiny office. Make use of minimalist furnishing to modernise the look of your nook.

Installing bay windows and contemporary light fittings are other ways of turning your nook into a bright and cheery spot. You could create a meditation area for your mindfulness practice or use the space as a cosy hideaway for your pet when they need some time out from the family!

5. Turn Benches Into Storage Spaces

One of the biggest challenges of living in a small home is the lack of storage. Building a modular storage bench kills two birds with one stone! You’re saving space by placing seating along a wall AND you’ve got extra storage.

Chairs take up a lot of floor space. Placing benches against the wall opens up your dining area nicely while giving you more seating. A modular storage bench has a streamlined appearance and you can use scatter cushions to give it some flair.

6. Go for Open Plan Living

Architects commissioned to upgrade small rooms often use the open plan concept to create more space. Taking down a wall between the kitchen and dining room or living area will instantly upgrade a property by turning two small rooms into one big open space.

Combining rooms into one big area allows for air movement, and more light to come in and creates the impression of expansiveness. Removing barriers such as kitchen islands, permanent bookshelves and even doorways you create the illusion of space even if your home is tiny.

7. Convert the Space Under the Stairs

The space under the staircase is often neglected or becomes a dumping ground for muddy shoes, sports kits and bicycles. Get innovative and turn it into:

  • A cosy reading nook with bookcases
  • Neat but functional office
  • Spare bedroom
  • Give your pooch a napping spot
  • Create a fun play area for small children
  • Play your honky-tonk piano or electric keyboard there

If none of these ideas appeal to you, close it off with attractive doors and turn it into a storage closet.

Final Thoughts

Upgrading small spaces in the home takes creativity and a willingness to explore different ideas. Opt for skylight installation or hang accessories to save on storage space while adding some personality to your home. Whatever you end up doing to upgrade your tiny home or rooms, optimising space will be worth it!

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