9 Reasons Why You Should Move to Orlando

9 Reasons Why You Should Move to Orlando

Orlando is a popular city in Central Florida. It is best known for Disney World & Universal Studios. The shopping malls, the golf courses, and the theme park grab the attraction of many tourists throughout the year. So, if you are planning to travel to Orlando, ensure that you visit these places to know the city better. Besides, check out the guide below to know why you should also plan to settle in Orlando. 

1. Real Estate

Orlando has a fair share of equal distribution between owned and rented houses. So finding rooms for rent in Orlando is not that improbable a task. In the last three years, house prices have seen a year-on-year rise, which indicates that Orlando real estate is booming. Real estate pricing is a great indicator of how stay-worthy a place is.

Sanford, an Orlando-area suburb, is one of the places to consider if you are moving to Orlando. It is home to young professionals and a liberal neighborhood. Downtown Orlando, Winter Park, and Maitland are some of the other places in Orlando considered best for moving. The availability of rental rooms in Orlando is abundant.

2. Weather

If you are fond of sunny days, Orlando is the right place to settle. Year-round bright sunshine covers the city and makes it appear beautiful. The climate of Orlando is subtropical, with mild winters. Spring & Autumn are the best times to enjoy Orlando, with little rain enhancing the feel.

3. Walt Disney World Resort

Without further ado, let’s address the elephant in the room. Of course, the first thing that comes to our mind while visiting Orlando is the Walt Disney World Resort. The spacious resort is a dreamland. The two water parks in Disney World, the 1st -Typhoon Lagoon, is the largest outdoor wave pool globally, and the other, Blizzard Beach on Mount Gushmore, is a unique waterpark cum ski resort. Besides, it also features an education cum amusement park that brings out the child in every visitor.

4. Arts & Culture

The city goes through a cultural boom with an expanding art scene. The City Art Factory, located in Downtown Orlando is an art lover’s paradise. Orlando sports an unorthodox sense of artisanship. Another state-of-the-art facility would be the relatively new Dr. Phillips Center, which provides art, culture, and entertainment.

5. Natural Beauty

Many people who visit Orlando because of the hype around its theme parks often miss out on the most serene parts of Florida. Hiking trails under majestic live oaks, the clear water, the rocky shores of Kelly park, and the scenic paddling destination of Shingle Creek are the real natural things many visitors overlook. Harry Leu Park in Winter Park is a treat for sore eyes. You would carelessly wander and spend hours here once you move to Orlando.

6. Affordable Cost Of Living

Living here is approximately 3% cheaper than the average in Florida and 4% lower than the national average. If you become a resident of Orlando, you won’t have to bear any income tax or inheritance tax. Based on the statistical figures and average salary, it is quite affordable for a living. So moving here will be the right decision for you.

7. Educational Institutions

Orlando boasts one of the finest private and public educational institutes in the United States. The University of Central Florida, Florida A&M University College of Law, Valencia College, Florida Technical College, and Adventist University of Health Sciences are just a few world-class centers of excellence carrying international significance. Similarly, top-class schools in the city deliver a top-notch educational environment to groom and develop your kids.

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8. Employment

The city is currently enjoying a job growth rate of nearly 3%, with a close to 40% growth rate in the coming 10 years. These statistics alone make Orlando a go-to city for young professionals. In addition, employment growth, monthly average starting salary, overall job opportunities, annual transportation costs, work and commute times, all these employment-related aspects make Orlando the best job market in the USA. 

A proper qualification generally yields a high-paying job in this city, with the cherry on top being the ‘no income tax’ policy. As a result, Orlando beats the high-growing metropolises like Houston, Austin, and Los Angeles and tops out as the fastestgrowing metro city in the US. Orlando has also been ranked among the top three cities for finding a job out of 180 cities.

9. Technological And Business Hub

Hospitality is an already established industry in Orlando. Good food options, amusement, theme parks, and the Disney Land make it a business center for the hospitality industry. Slowly, it is also becoming a tech hub for the new generation. The technology-focused conventions added to the world-class management schools of Orlando influence almost 10% of the technology-related jobs. Accessibility and utilization are prime factors for any emerging IT company to build a sustainable IT ecosystem. High-quality infrastructure and supportive tech communication have been instrumental in the growth of Orlando. 

It houses one of the best telecommunication networks in the form of Gigabit service. It is one of the top 10 American cities for the future. A legit startup ecosystem fuelled by the relevant Florida councils makes it an interesting proponent of the IT community. Budding entrepreneurs measure the feasibility of doing business in a city by these three factors- business environment, access to resources, and business costs. Orlando provides that ambiance to act as a catalyst for the surging list of startups. 

The key elements to the growth of modern societies are – Tech ability & Business sustainability, Education, and employment. Orlando has it all! There is no doubt that it is a safe city for tourists and foreigners to visit, but it is also a great city if you want to make a living out of it. Inventory of houses for rent in Orlando, decent cost of living, spacious lush outdoors, incredible food scene & never-ending feeds of entertainment make for a comfortable and growing ecosystem for the people planning to move to Orlando.

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