Aspects To Know If We Have To Change Our Running Shoes

Running Shoes

Running Shoes are what keep our feet in contact with the ground and it depends on them that we are comfortable, safe and do not suffer injuries during training or racing, on the asphalt or in the mountains. For this reason, it is very important to know when to retire the old ones and buy new running shoes or vans old school.

Shoes have a useful life if you are a fan of Running, we must be aware of it. That is why it is important to check their condition, no matter how much we like them or are fond of them since we ran our first Marathon with them, we must make sure that they are in a condition to continue fulfilling their function, protecting our feet and joints from possible injuries.

How Do We Know If We Have To Buy New Running Shoes?

Investing in good shoes does not mean that they have an endless useful life, you have to get the most out of them but you should not try to extend their useful life too much because we can suffer injuries. Running shoes, with time and use, lose their cushioning capacity and foot support, so the chances of getting injured increase, for this reason it is important to know when to buy new running shoes. 

In addition to observing general wear and tear, we must also take into account other aspects to know if we have to change our shoes.

How Many Kilometers Have

This information today is easy to know thanks to the use of heart rate monitors in training and in races. It is recommended that the maximum number of kilometers to be covered in shoes is between 800 and 1,000 kilometers. It is an approximate distance but it also depends on other factors such as: the type of training, the surface on which you run, your weight, the way you run, etc. The more intense the race or training, the more wear occurs in the shoes.

Stability Of The Shoes

If we go out to train or compete with shoes that do not hold our feet well, the chances of suffering an injury increase. It is important to check the state of the fabric of the midsole and the upper area, in case you see any tears or tears, it is better not to use them. You can also put your shoes on a smooth surface and check that they touch the entire surface; otherwise it is better to buy new shoes.

Sole Wear

If the drawing on the sole of the shoes is not clearly visible, they have lost the necessary grip to run safely. The surface of the heel will tell us if it is time to buy new running shoes. A smooth sole can cause a slip and fall that can be painful and lead to serious injury.

Cushioning Of The Shoes

The most important thing about Shoes is the ability to absorb the impact of the footprint in each stride. To find out if this capacity is intact, you can do the following: With a shoe in your hand, press with the fingers of the other hand, press inside at the height of the heel. If you notice the fingers in the palm of your hand, it’s time to retire the shoes.

Renew Running Shoes

We must insist on the importance of changing your running shoes with due frequency. And best shoes really very effect on our personality so we recommended you to buy them from

In addition to observing their general wear and tear, also pay attention to the signals that your own body is sending you. If, for no apparent reason, you begin to notice discomfort of some kind in your feet after training, greater muscle fatigue, your legs, especially the calves, more “loaded” or your knees sore, it may be that the cause is that you have The time has come to say goodbye to your old running shoes and replace them with new ones.

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