Everything you need to know about coir mattress

Everything you need to know about coir mattress

Mattresses are a vital component of our daily life. We rarely pay much attention to what kind of mattresses we buy. If we see a mattress in good condition, we buy it. Some regret that decision since the mattress becomes uncomfortable and makes it hard to fall asleep, causing sleep deprivation and not allowing the person to work up to their full potential. This is why choosing a mattress is not easy.

This brings us to the mattress that has been around for more than 150 years, Coir Mattress. Coir mattresses are used in India and many other countries in Asia. The reason is that the raw material is available in plentiful quantities and is affordable, comfortable, and hygroscopic in nature. But it can be hard to buy a coir mattress online if you don’t know anything about it. But not to worry because we’re here to help you out!


What is a Coir Mattress?

A coir mattress is built mostly of coir, or coconut fibre, which is collected from the outer coat of the coconut shell and covered in natural rubber, which is derived from the sap of the rubber tree, to provide mattress cushioning. The material is long-lasting and is highly resilient. It is much more supportive and requires less care than other types of mattresses.

Coconut coir or fibres are very abrasive, which makes it quite difficult to sleep on them. As a result, a coir mattress is typically comprised of a mixture of coconut coir and a soft material like foam.

The coir mattress is permeable and hygroscopic due to the mesh of layers of coconut fibres. Air circulation throughout the layers of the mattress is enabled, making it an excellent choice for summer, particularly among sweaty sleepers.

How is Coir Mattresses Made?

Coconut husk is removed from between the hard inner shell and the outer covering and steeped in water for a few days. A Disintegrator is then used to separate the coir fibre from the husk. After that, the coir fibre is cleaned in a cleaner and dried in the sun. To make enormous rolls of curled coir, the pith, dust, and baby fibres are removed from the drying coir fibre and sent to the spinning and curling equipment.

Following this, the curled coir is placed through an Uncurling machine before being fed into a Sheet machine to produce untangled and dense coir fibre fleeces. The coir is combed and knitted into a continuous and even sheet of the desired density and thickness using this machine.

The coir sheets are then cut into required lengths and widths and stacked on top of each other to get the desired thickness and weight of the bare mattress.

The mattresses are then run through a vulcaniser, which bakes the bare coir mattresses to remove any remaining moisture. The quality of a coir mattress is affected by moisture absorption even before it is put on the market for purchase. The vulcaniser hardens them and removes any moisture as a result.

The sheets are brought to the Latex-spraying chamber once they have cooled to room temperature. One of the sheets’ surfaces is sprayed with latex and glue, and a foam sheet is even glued to it. The operation is repeated on the opposite side of the sheets. Some all-weather mattresses feature a layer of thermo-foam on one of their surfaces to keep it warm in the winter. On all four sides of the naked sheets, the same thermo-foam is equally adhered to.

Then the finishing of the mattress begins to make the mattress, well, look like a mattress. An automated tape edge machine stitches the required jacquard, cloth, linen, cotton, or other fabric, all over the bare mattress.

A Polythene Thermal Sealer machine is subsequently used to pack the final mattresses intohuge polythene bags. The final product is now ready to be conveyed to the market and, eventually, to the buyer.

Types of Coir Mattresses

Hybrid Coir Mattress

Hybrid coir mattresses are made up of layers of coir as the core raw material, as well as supplementary elements like foam or latex. In addition, the mattress has adjustable foam layers between and above the coir that are well compressed. It has good ventilation, allowing you to sleep in cool bedding. Every coir mattress is essentially a hybrid mattress since a coir mattress can not take the shape of a pleasant mattress without the addition of a secondary soft substance.

Rubberised Coir Mattress

Rubberised coir mattresses are made of dense, rubberised coconut coir. A rubberised coir mattress is one that incorporates latex or rubber as a supplementary layer.

Rubberised coir is naturally airy, so it allows plenty of air to circulate throughout the mattress. It keeps one cool and comfortable all night long, regardless of how humid the atmosphere becomes. A large layer of foam on top of the rubberised coir, on the other hand, may obstruct the mattress’s air ventilation capacity.

Benefits of Coir Mattresses

Eco-friendly Nature

Everyone likes eco-friendly products and many brands are even using green marketing for their products. Coir mattresses are fully eco-friendly because they are made of natural fibres sourced from coconut. In addition, no toxic chemicals or compounds are utilised in the extraction of the fibres or the construction of the mattress. As a result, it is beneficial to the user’s health and skin.


A coir mattress has a number of advantages, and they are also reasonably priced. As a result, they are the most popular option among the public. Coir mattresses are significantly less expensive than foam and latex mattresses. As a result, customers do not need to spend a fortune on a coir mattress. Furthermore, they require very little upkeep and care.

Improves overall health

The seamless combination of blocking layers allows for excellent air circulation and comfort. The health technology integrated into the coir mattress inhibits fungi, dust mites, and bacteria from reproducing on the mattress. These mattresses are especially beneficial if you frequently experience respiratory disorders such as a cold, sneezing, or asthma.

Improves Back Pain

A coconut fibre mattress can help people with back discomfort because it is durable and prevents the body from sinking. It also gives firm support for the spine’s full length, allowing it to keep its natural alignment.

Disadvantages of Coir Mattresses

Not comfortable enough

These mattresses are not an option for you if you prefer to sleep on a nice and soft surface and do not want to sleep on a firm surface, or if you are not in the habit of sleeping on a hard surface or have never slept on one before, as the materials used in their construction are not at all soft and do not sag in response to body pressure.

Prone to sagging

Coconut fibre mattresses can absorb moisture and sag under body weight, causing you to slump or experience sadness with back discomfort where you lay over time. You can’t uncompress it after it’s compressed.

Short Durability

These mattresses have shorter durability than other types, such as spring or foam mattresses, because they do not return to their original shape after being depressed. They can only last for a short time, particularly if they do not comprise any other materials in their manufacturing. They have a lifespan of around five years before they start to sag, lose hardness, or become excessively hard.


We hope that this helped you gain all the necessary information you need before you go to buy a coir mattress online or in person.

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