Famous NBA player Torin Prince was arrested


On August 25, basketball player Torin Prince was detained at Miami International Airport. According to previous information, dangerous drugs were found in the player.

This information was confirmed in his tweet by Andy Slater. As reported by the journalist, the basketball player was arrested because of a possible connection to hard drugs. The situation did not turn out well for the player, as he was taken into custody and sent to a correctional center in Miami.

Quite an unpleasant moment, because the player’s career was going quite well. More recently, the player signed a new contract with Minnesota for two years. During this time under the contract, he could earn more than 16 million dollars. Overall, you can’t call Torin’s play weak; last year, the forward played in nearly 7 regular season games. In those games, he averaged 7 points per game, 2 rebounds and 1 assist.

The Minnesota Timberwolves basketball team will have some interesting games in the near future, they say without Prince the chances of winning the team are much less. But the results will be known only after watching the games, to make watching the games more interesting you can use the reliable bet odds.

Similar situations in the world of sports, and in particular among professional basketball players are becoming more and more frequent. A similar situation took place at the beginning of August this year. The accused this time was Iman Shumpert, a guard for the Brooklyn Nets team. The basketball player was accused of transporting drugs. It is interesting that the player admitted that he used marijuana, so these accusations may be quite reasonable. It was later confirmed that Champert was indeed carrying 170 grams of an unknown substance. Forensics confirmed that it contained marijuana. After this incident, the player’s team immediately terminated his contract. At the moment, the basketball player is taken to jail and is awaiting trial.

The situation is serious, because the player faces up to two years’ imprisonment, in addition, will have to pay a fine of 10 thousand dollars. But that’s only if he is convicted of a felony charge.

In any case, both players’ careers in sports are probably over. The only thing to worry about now is their future.

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