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To use the wheels, you must put two 토토사이트additional coins on each hand. If you are playing the Triple Play edition, the total number of available credits is now 21. For a machine with a quarter denomination, this amounts to $5.25 for each turn, prohibitively expensive for many players. If you are set on playing Triple Wheel Poker despite our advice, you should select a Triple Play machine so that you only pay $5.25 on each game turn.

Playing Hands

While playing more than one hand, only the 토토사이트lowest-ranked hand is dealt face up, while the remaining hands are kept hidden from view. Each card that you have in hand at the bottom of the deck will have the same value in the other hands. Take the following scenario as an illustration: you have three kings in your bottom hand, and each of your other active hands has three kings that have been turned over.

After you have done holding cards and making discards, you can finish all of your hands by clicking the Draw button when you are finished. The variation of video poker you play will determine your potential payouts.


As you progress from the Bronze Wheel to the Gold Wheel, the possible rewards that you are eligible to win will grow. While spinning the Gold Wheel, you can earn a maximum of 10,000 credits, which is the greatest possible payout.

Variations on the Triple Wheel Poker Game

When you play at a Triple Wheel Poker machine, you can select from various game versions. The following list provides an overview of the video poker games that may be played with Triple Play:

Jacks or Better

Due to the game’s straightforward pay structure, it has become one of the most common varieties of video poker. The lowest hand that qualifies for a payment is a pair of jacks.

The fundamental gameplay of Triple Wheel Poker is identical to that of regular video poker; however, the game’s main draw is that it allows players to win unique prizes via a rotating wheel.

The three other wheels that can be unlocked through particular hands set this game apart from others. You’ll find a basic pay table for 7/5 Bonus Poker below, as well as pay schedules for the three different bonus wheels:

As discussed before, to engage each wheel, you must first be dealt specific hands. And as a result, you have the chance to significantly improve the compensation that you receive.

You are handed a three-of-a-kind before the drawing, which would ordinarily pay 15 coins if you played the maximum wager in Bonus Poker. Here’s an example: You will receive a minimum of fifty coins with this hand because you will now have the opportunity to spin the bronze wheel.

Another illustration: you are dealt a straight before drawing, which generally results in a payout of 20 coins for the winner. But, because you get to spin the Silver Wheel, the least amount of coins you can win is 100. This is the lowest possible payout. Because of this, Triple Wheel Poker is an excellent option for gamblers who take pleasure in pursuing substantial jackpots.

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