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For instance, Wild Casino provides 메이저사이트 players with fifteen blackjack games and thirteen roulette options. Because it provides original variations, such as 21 Burn blackjack, this website received two points in the table game category.

The procedure is the same for each of the other categories of casino games; however, the baseline varies depending on the games being played. For instance, we anticipate that sites would offer hundreds of slot machines but just a few games, including video poker. Therefore, we made it a point to ensure that the benchmark for each category was derived from reasonable expectations for the particular genre of game.


In addition to this, we take into account the메이저사이트 casino’s chosen software suppliers. Some websites only collaborate with one or two software vendors, while others deal with several. Because every software developer brings a unique set of options, file formats, and visuals to the table for their games, we award bonus points to service providers collaborating with at least three other providers.

Icon of the HIGHEST Level of Safety

Maintaining your anonymity and being safe is necessary when you play games online. You need to relax and enjoy your time spent using online gambling sites without being concerned about the safety of your personal information or money at any point throughout the process. Because of this, the component of our ranking system known as B.E.S.T. gives the highest importance to issues about safety, security, and trust. There is a maximum of 25 points available, and the safety requirements account for a fourth of the final score.


First, we check whether each site has the appropriate authorization to provide online gaming services. We consider the governing licencing body in charge of their licence to ensure that we are aware of the sorts of licencing requirements that the website must adhere to. A site’s licence’s current standing might provide up to five bonus points.

The reputation of the firm that operates the casino is another important factor in determining its reliability. For instance, does it have any related websites that it links to? If this is the case, we consider the reputation of those sibling sites as an indication of what to anticipate from the website we are now evaluating. Another criterion that we consider is the length of time the business has been in existence. These considerations are responsible for nine out of a potential ten points awarded in this category.

Following that, we will discuss some of the more in-depth safety and security components, such as a legitimate security certificate and a privacy policy acceptable to the user. Security certificates, often called secure sockets layer (SSL), conceal your information by encrypting it and making it impossible for hackers to read. There are many levels of encryption to choose from. Because they handle financial transactions, online casinos and gambling sites should have encryption on par with banks.

When exploring a website, familiarising yourself with its privacy regulations is another important step in ensuring your safety. The information they gather about you and how they intend to utilize it should be explained in these policies. Personal information, your Internet protocol (I.P.) address, and the frequency you browse the website may be included. Every website has the potential to earn a maximum of three points for both its SSL certificate and its privacy policy.

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