Haircut Like Chris Hemsworth in The Movie Extraction

Haircut Like Chris Hemsworth in The Movie Extraction

If you’re a fan of Chris Hemsworth’s rugged good looks in the Netflix movie “Extraction,” you might be wondering how to get his signature haircut. Hemsworth’s character, Tyler Rake, sports a short, messy hairstyle that’s both stylish and functional for his high-action role. Here’s what you need to know about getting a haircut like Chris Hemsworth in “Extraction.”

First, let’s break down the basics of Hemsworth’s haircut. It’s a short, textured cut that’s longer on top and shorter on the sides and back. The hair is styled to look tousled and messy, with a bit of volume on top. Hemsworth’s natural waves and curls add to the look, but you can achieve a similar effect with the right styling products.

To get a haircut like Hemsworth’s, start by finding a skilled barber or stylist who can give you a tailored cut. It’s important to communicate exactly what you’re looking for, so bring photos of Hemsworth’s haircut to show as a reference. You’ll want to ask for a cut that’s about an inch long on top, with the sides and back tapered down to a shorter length.

Once you’ve got the cut, it’s time to style it like Hemsworth. Start by applying a volumizing product to your damp hair, such as a mousse or thickening spray. Use a blow dryer to dry your hair while using your fingers to lift and tousle it for added texture. You can also use a round brush to create more volume and shape. Finish with a light hold product, such as a pomade or wax, to add definition and hold to your hairstyle.

One of the best things about Hemsworth’s haircut is that it’s easy to maintain and versatile. You can wear it messy and tousled for a casual look, or slick it back for a more formal occasion. It’s also a great option for guys who want a low-maintenance haircut that still looks stylish and on-trend.

Overall, getting a haircut like Chris Hemsworth in “Extraction” is all about finding the right barber or stylist who can give you a personalized cut, and then using the right styling products to achieve the desired look. With a bit of effort, you can rock a hairstyle that’s as rugged and cool as Tyler Rake himself.

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