Here are some benefits of playing Rummy!


Rummy is a card game that’s very popular for being tricky. It has different ways in which people play it. Such as having matching cards or getting a sequence. Studies show that it first originated in the nineteenth century. However, unclear whether it was China or Mexico. It’s a source of entertainment for people, just like any other card or board game. There has been a rise in online rummy games for people to play. Many people consider it a game of skill and purely play it to improve their skills. Not all rummy types are as fun and entertaining. The most popular one in India is the 13-card Rummy. It has been one of India’s favourite card games for ages.

With the advent of smartphones and cheaper internet, it’s easier to play Rummy online. It also requires little to no logistics, unlike in-person card rummy. Rummy romantics and traditionalists would still love to play the cards instead of switching to online rummy games. It’s just that it’s easier to play it now that it’s online. Like other card games, Rummy helps with quick thinking on your feet, helps you train your focus and learn decision-making while under pressure. There are many benefits to playing Rummy. Here are some of them:

  1. Entertainment: If you like your leisure time away from work, card games are one of the ways to spend your leisure time. It’s one of the most entertaining card games. It keeps you hooked on the game and provides quality entertainment while also being fun. It’s a very engaging game, making it everyone’s personal favourite. People also develop their rules while playing in groups to make it much more entertaining.
  2. Strategic thinking: Rummy also helps you learn how to strategise. Strategy is a crucial skill. It tests our cognitive abilities and how we respond to obstacles ahead of us. Playing Rummy helps people develop better strategic thinking because it keeps you in the zone for however long the game is. It makes you take quick decisions under pressure. This is an essential soft skill that’s important across all spheres of life, whether professional or personal. Everyone must develop rapid responses to crises, and all rummy games help with that.
  3. Organisation: One of the most important aspects of playing Rummy is organising your cards according to your need. Especially when you’re playing it online, you need excellent organisational skills to sort your cards out. Developing organisational skills helps because your life feels less scattered when you know everything is happening across your cards or spheres of life.
  4. Patience: Most importantly, Rummy teaches patience. One of the critical factors about playing Rummy is that one can never know when the game will end. It can end immediately after starting or sometimes takes more than that. It also depends on the number of people playing. You’d also require patience to arrange your cards and read the room, studying your opponents and plays. You’d need to wait and watch their moves before it’s your turn again. This teaches us patience and tells us that we must wait for our turns and not act out of turn.

Not all rummy games may be fun for everyone. But one needs to try and test to figure out what it is that they’d like the best. But it indeed teaches a lot of soft skills.

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