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Slot machines are one of our favorite themes. With all the detailed pages in this section, you will be thrilled. This page gives a rough 메이저사이트overview of the most important information, but there is still much more to learn about this subject. You can also see top tips for playing slot machines as well.


It also includes reviews of dozens (hundreds) of specific games. We’ve also created pages for all the themes related to slots. Even if you read all these pages, it would be very unfortunate if you were not an expert in the field.

There are a lot of questions that are asked regularly about slot machines. Some of the most common questions are summarized below.

Previously, it was a mechanical game 메이저사이트in which reels were rotated, and symbols were printed on each reel. However, it is currently operated by a computer program called a random number generator. Put money in it, turn the reel and pray for your best.


Probabilities are programmed so the house will have an advantage in the long run. That is, the game is random, so you may be able to win in the short term. However, as the long-term battle approaches, the mathematical expectation is expected to be approached.

How do you win in a slot?

The slots are completely random. So don’t expect to find some winning zigzag strategy. Don’t worry about where the game is on the floor. Also, don’t worry if using a lever instead of a spin button is more likely to win.

All these thoughts are superstitions and myths. You can ignore it. The best advice for winning slots is to choose a game that looks simple and boring and play with higher stakes than you think.Also, avoid slots famous for low payback rates, such as those in airports and bars.

Is the online slot invalid?

All slot machines are, in a sense, fraudulent. The casino always has the advantage.

But there is no injustice like you think. So, you have a chance to win in the online slots. No, you’re not going to lose at all spins. And the casino does not program the games to compensate for your last win or loss.

What is a pension?

A: When people talk about the winners of lottery tickets or retirement allowances, they often hear the word “annuity.” It is a financial instrument that pays a certain amount over a certain period. Regarding slot machines, the term comes from the size of progressive jackpots.

The general pension scheme is as follows.

Let’s say you get a million dollars for a progressive slot machine. You can pay $750,000 in cash or pay $25,000 in pension annually for the next 40 years.

Although you can get $1 million if you choose a pension, paying cash is more advantageous. It is because money has a temporal value. If you invest and budget wisely over 40 years, $750,000 will be worth more than $1 million.

What is the hit frequency?

Hit frequency is when a slot machine hits a winning combination. This concept is related to house edges and payback rates, but they are different.

Slot machines that hit frequently but win less may have a lower payback rate than slot machines that do not hit frequently but have a higher average of wins.

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