How To SEO Optimize Writing With Keeping Creativity In Mind

How To SEO Optimize Writing With Keeping Creativity In Mind

Facing difficulty while balancing creativity and optimization when you write your blog?

Then you have reached the right place. In this excerpt below, we will be discussing some of the best pointers as suggested by experts.

SEO & Content!

When you are writing content for your website or blog page, it is almost impossible to maintain one’s creativity along with the optimization part.

When the search engine optimization is too much, the creativity goes down, and when the creativity skyrockets, the optimization is down the drain.

Here is how you can balance both!

1. Get The Keyword Research Done First

If you are worried about losing the optimization during creativity, then here is what you have to do. When you start writing a blog, once the topic is decided, you go straight to keyword research. After which, you can decide where to use these keywords sensibly.

When you are doing keyword research, in order to bring variation to your writing, do not just focus on ‘focus keywords. Get a few LSI here and there, and even long tail keywords, since they are in right now.

The last thing you wish to do is stuff your keywords in that content. Use it in places organically, and decide upon a convenient density based on the length of the article. Plus, use a different variety of keywords to avoid repetition.

2. Make It Information Rich

Just keyword optimization is not enough for that article; you also need to make it content-heavy as well. Plus, even if your blogs are ranking, and people are organically clicking on them, if they are not getting information, their disappointment can make them click out.

This will only increase your bounce rate and put you in the bad books of the Google algorithm. Therefore, always make your article information-rich.

Try to increase the length but maintain the readability.

3. Add Pictures & Animation

Give them something other than words. Yes, it is a blog about your travel days, and you are optimizing them perfectly, but also add things like pictures, boomerangs, and even animations.

This will increase the readability of your content, and at the same time, your blog can rank well on google images and Pinterest. Plus, when your reader gets to break the monotony of reading, these pictures and animations can help.

You can add free stock images, or it would be better to download a few and then edit them for further customization. Download photoshop for free from

Give it a try; this is an excellent opportunity to showcase your creativity for the blog.

4. The Title Tag Is Still Important

Tags are still game changers when it comes to optimization and creativity. The more tags you use, the more readable your blog becomes, and you have more chances to add long-tail keywords now.

If you divide your content into parts and subparts, it is much easier for the audience to understand. Plus, they can read the entire article and then move back to the part important to them. It is so much better than writing whole paragraphs with information, only for the audience to lose every interest when they see them.

5. Cater To Your Audience

Write for your audience, and they will love to read it. Do not always run behind keywords and optimizations. Sometimes you have to give them fun content with modern buzzwords and GenZ lingo.

This will bring audience loyalty and increase your credibility as someone who listens and delivers.

A Healthy Balance!

If you wish to have a healthy balance between SEO optimization and your creativity, then plan things.

Do not bombard your content with optimization. Have a few trial and error methods to understand what works for you.

After all, you are here to enjoy blogging, not just to increase traffic.

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