How to use track lighting to add an edge to your decor?

track lighting

Track lighting is one of the most versatile and functional lighting designs you’ll ever find. And these svelte and sleek lighting designs can be used for a lot of purposes in your living space. While track lighting fixtures are categorized as architectural lights, they can very well be an amazing substitute for decorative lighting fixtures too. Track lighting’s characteristics and functionality have a lot to do with its origins.

Track lighting was originally a form of theatre lighting that slowly crept its way into home lighting when industrial decor was rampant in the 1960s and 70s. Designers embraced track lighting because of its utilitarian minimalism. Until the 1990s, track lighting was aptly, if not excessively, used in the design space. And then, this lighting design slowly faded away and gave way to much more compact and much more customisable lighting designs.

And with the shift in design trends, it looks like track lighting is back, and it’s here to stay. We have curated a list for you that covers all the ways you can use track lighting in your space. Track lighting can be used with other lighting designs in the space too. But it’s better if this is the sole lighting fixture in your space, and it brings out the best of your decor when functioning alone. Now, take a look at everything that we have for you.

Track lighting as accent lighting

Accent lighting fixtures are meant to highlight a particular object in your space. And track lighting is a very apt accent lighting design. Track lighting can be used to bring attention to a work of art, photographs, art walls, photo walls or even a home decor design in your space. Track lighting is a wonderful accent lighting design, as the lighting units can be swivelled or rotated on the track and aimed at whatever you like.

Track lighting for wall washing

Wall washing is one of the most recent lighting trends that have definitely made an impact in the design space. Wall washing is nothing but illuminating your wall completely in a uniform manner. This sounds quite simple, but the effect is simply sublime. While there are multiple wall lights that can help you create the wall-washing effect, track lights are simply the best for the job. Not only do they eliminate soft shadows on the wall, but they themselves also become a sleek focal point grabbing as much attention as they can.

Track lighting for wall grazing

Wall grazing is another trend like wall washing that has become quite popular in recent years. The only difference between wall grazing and wall washing is that in the former, the track lighting design will be placed very close to the wall creating a narrow angle and highlighting the texture of the wall. The light beam creates stunning shadows, and the more the wall is textured, the better the focal point becomes. Track lighting is just perfect for wall grazing because of its build, and its linear design adds dimension to the space too.

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