‘If Loving You Is Wrong’ Recap: Season 5 Episode 12 — [Spoiler] Dies

if loving you is wrong s5e12

The residents of Castillo Lane played out their final scandals on Tuesday with the series finale of Tyler Perry’s If Loving You Is Wrong — but not everyone made it out alive.

At least three major characters met their demise in the OWN drama’s final hour, with several others left somewhat in question. Read on for a full recap of what (and who) went down in the series finale, appropriately titled “Boom”:

* The finale opens on Marcie bludgeoning Randal with a fire poker, all the while cursing his name for everything he’s done to her. You can’t say the guy doesn’t deserve a good thrashing, but even Marcie appears surprised when he stops putting up a fight. (She clearly doesn’t notice that his brains are spilling out on the carpet. Oops?) Upon realizing what she’s done, Marcie confesses her crime to Brad, who decides to pin the whole thing on Alex — all part of a much larger plan for them to run off and start a new life together. It works like a charm, naturally, and Alex is dragged half-conscious into a police car. Hooray!

* Mere moments after Marcie kills Randal, Bennett shows up with murderous intentions of his own. He’s understandably disappointed to discover that someone has already beat him to the punch, but he still picks up Marcie’s fire poker to inflict some additional damage. Plot twist! The police show up just in time to catch him clutching the murder weapon, so it’s off to the slammer… for now. (As we mentioned earlier, the whole thing is being pinned on Alex, so he’ll be fine.)

* Rick doesn’t even wait for Randal’s corpse to get bagged before asking Kelly if she’d like to celebrate the dude’s demise over dinner. Things get awkward when he realizes that Justice’s father is back in the picture — as in, five feet away while this whole conversation is happening — and even though Kelly lets Rick down gently, the jealousy is real.

* Now for the truly insane part: Displeased with how the investigation into Mika’s disappearance is being handled, Eddie takes matters into his own crazy hands. Not only does he tase Ian (presumably to death) in the hospital parking lot, but he also murders a leg-less Larry with his bare hands. The specifics of Mika’s fate remain fuzzy at best, but Eddie is clearly distraught when he returns from his deadly hospital visit, at which point things go from bad to worse. After blaming Eddie for what happened to Mika, Esperanza promises to make him take responsibility for it, a promise she honors by shooting him in cold blood. In the middle of the living room. In front of several witnesses. The end?

OK, let’s talk: Did Tuesday’s series finale do the five-season drama justice? Did everyone get what they deserved? Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.



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