League of Legends Jinx Tips and Tricks

League of Legends Jinx

League of Legends How to Play Jinx ? With the advent of the Battle of Two Cities animation, the popularity of Jinx is also rising. Not just popularity, Jinx itself is very strong. After teleporting only to T-towers, traditional ADCs will have more room to play. Jinx is definitely the strongest ADC for your top lane next season. The purpose of this article is to help you understand League of Legends Jinx Tips and Tricks .

League of Legends Jinx Tips and Tricks

After studying the replays of DEFT, it is not difficult to find that she always has an advantage in duels. The reason is that she has mastered 3 more Tricks than other Jinx. The following will focus on the 3 League of Legends Jinx Tips and Tricks : Single and Double Cut, Acceleration W, and Trick E.

  • single double cut

Normal people always use one type of gun when playing Jinx, either always use a light machine gun, or always use a cannon. Cut the gun at most and leave it alone. This can’t do any damage.

When operating, as long as the opponent is within the range of the light machine gun, you must get used to using AQAQ. That is to say, each time A clicks and cuts the gun, a total of two cuts are made. We call this operation single and double cut.

When the gun cuts the cannon, the first shot will inherit the attack speed bonus of the machine gun. One shot of two machine guns can earn the extra damage of the cannon, and there is no waste of attack speed.

  • Accelerate W

Because the W cast time is reduced according to Jinx’s attack speed boost, 0 attack speed is 0.6 seconds, and 250% attack speed is 0.4 seconds. The attack speed provided by the first layer of the machine gun is twice that of the second and third layers. For example, level 5 Q stacks are full of 130% attack speed, then the first layer will be increased by 65%, and the second and third layers will be 37.5% attack speed. Therefore, AW is the most commonly used technique. If you are in cannon form, you can use QW, cut the light machine gun and then put W. Q has no casting time and won’t get stuck on W.

So, regardless of whether the W hits or not, you just need to remember this trick to speed up the W.

  • Tricks E

with teammates to use Tricks E. This technique is too simple. As long as the teammates control the opponent, we will follow up and put traps, and it will be fine to clamp the opponent. The casting range of the E skill is 925, which is much higher than the shooting range, just pay attention to the distance.

Many people play Jinx to throw the clip. Once they throw it behind the opponent, they don’t know where to throw it. The recommended method here is to throw the clip at the opponent about 200 yards, E has 0.4 seconds of flight time plus 0.5 seconds of deployment time, a total of 0.9 seconds. The predicted distance is the opponent’s movement speed multiplied by 0.9. The movement speed of the ADC is between 325 and 330, and then E still has a range of 115 yards.

Jinx Story Background

Wei is an orphan who grew up with the Zaun gang. From Jinx ‘s point of view, she never saw that one-eyed person, and from their point of view, she never saw that the mine was thrown by Jinx . Only Wei knew the complete truth , but Wei was still dragged away by the law enforcement officers. The law enforcement officer probably wanted to atone for his killing of the officer, so he saved Wei.

Jinx blamed herself all the time because she could not provide positive help to her family or partners, which also caused her inferiority complex. Her mental state needs the support and affirmation of people like Vi and Vander . Once she realizes that they have any negative feedback about her, she will fall into deeper self-blame until she collapses. Of course, when a person falls into a breakdown, he will definitely open his arms to the sudden sympathy. Silko played the role of the angel of salvation. At the same time, the explosive personality also changed and became the later Jinx.

became the later Jinx

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League of Legends How to Play Jinx ? The above article brings you the League of Legends Jinx Tips and Tricks . There are two points for Jinx to win the line. When the indicator is reached, it will be empty if it is tilted a little. It is best to make sure that the opponent is on the edge of the range of the gun form, immediately cut the gun A and retreat. In terms of runes, the keystone rune must choose a well-known rhythm. This rune can give Jinx a higher error tolerance rate.

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