Most of Cereus Network’s of poker on Toto Site


A few of the other poker players were curious whether Russ Hamilton had been operating alone. They were particularly interested in determining whether 토토사이트or not Phil Helmut and Annie Duke were engaged in the incident.


Because Hamilton stated on the Makar tapes that he had purposefully concealed what was going on from Helmut, all of the questions and concerns regarding Hellmuth were resolved due to the Makar tapes. Hamilton stated that Annie Duke had utilized the God토토사이트 Mode feature on a delay for purposes other than what it was intended for. After the audio was made public, Duke issued her statement rejecting the claim.


Phil Hellmuth also issued a statement stating that he had prolonged his connection with UltimateBet in the hopes that the company would pay back the people who had been deceived. This assertion was made in Helmut’s statement. Here is where Helmut’s statement can be read in its entirety.


The poker community had a lot of concerns regarding the UltimateBet controversy, and these audiotapes answered many of those issues. However, nothing was done to bring those responsible to justice due to these audiotapes.

Aside from the indictments handed down on Black Friday, none of the executives or cheats were brought to justice for their actions.

Only Brent Beckley, who was engaged with both of these sites at one point or another, was ever arrested and sentenced to jail time. He was the head of the money processing department at Absolute Poker and Scott Tom’s stepbrother.

After Black Friday, he entered a guilty plea to conspiracy charges relating to the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA) and the financial dealings of the poker website. Nevertheless, none of those allegations were connected in any way to the actual cheating scandals.

Most of Cereus Network’s clients left the company following Black Friday, which led to the company’s official closure in 2012. Since then, Absolute Poker and UltimateBet have yet to operate their websites. After serving just one week behind bars, Scott Tom was released and returned to his life in the Caribbean. Meanwhile, Russ Hamilton still enjoys playing poker on occasion.

chronological order of the events surrounding the scandal

The poker industry was shaken up by Absolute Poker and UltimateBet incidents. It is difficult to retain accurate records of all that took place due to the numerous coverups, business mergers, and information that emerged over time. This chronology was developed to assist you in conceptualizing the events that transpired in the order in which they occurred.


The online poker community dealt a devastating blow when cheating scandals broke at Absolute Poker and UltimateBet; nevertheless, these scandals also demonstrated the community’s eagerness to look out for itself. The truth about these events was eventually brought to light thanks to the dogged determination of many key actors.

Despite the mountain of evidence demonstrating that Russ Hamilton and Scott Tom were responsible for the cheating accounts that caused the most substantial damage, neither of them ever faced genuine repercussions for their crimes.

It is evident that they collaborated with other individuals, one of whom was Greg Pierson, but all of the other individuals who were engaged were never formally named.

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