Most Preferred Lingerie Types for Men

Mens lingerie

What you wear inside can be for style, show, or protection. It is just as important as your choice of shirts, pants, and shoes. Mens lingerie is a type of undergarment explicitly designed for men. It provides support, comfort and a flattering fit under clothing. Several different types of lingerie are available for men, each with its unique features and benefits. Some of the most common types of lingerie for men include boxers, briefs, trunks and jockstraps.

Boxers are a loose, relaxed fit, while briefs are more form-fitting and offer more support. Trunks combine the two, offering a mix of comfort and support. Jockstraps are specifically designed for athletic wear, providing support and protection for the genitals during physical activity. No matter what lingerie you choose, it is important to find a style that fits your body and personal preferences.

Various types of lingerie are available in the market, each with its unique style and purpose. Here are some of the popular kinds of mens lingerie:


Boxers are a type of loose-fitting underwear that are similar to shorts. They are made from soft and comfortable fabrics like cotton or spandex and come in various colours and patterns. Boxers are suitable for everyday wear and offer good coverage and support


Briefs are underwear that covers the waist and thighs and provides good support to the genitals. They come in different styles: low-rise, high-waisted and full-coverage. Briefs are popular among men who want a more classic and traditional look.


They are a type of lingerie that consists of a thin strip of fabric that runs between the legs and covers the genitals. They provide minimal coverage and are perfect for men who want to feel sexy and confident. Thongs are available in various styles, including G-strings, tangas and C-strings.


These underwear types consist of a waistband, a front pouch and two straps that go around the buttocks. They are designed to support and protect the genitals during physical activities. Jockstraps are popular among athletes and sports enthusiasts.


They are a type of lingerie that consists of a waist-cinching garment with lacing or hooks and eyes. They are designed to slim the waist and enhance the body’s curves. Corsets are popular among men who want to create a more feminine silhouette.


These lingerie types include a short, loose-fitting nightgown with a fitted bust and flowing skirt. They are designed to be worn as sleepwear or intimate apparel. Babydolls are popular among men who want to feel comfortable and sexy while sleeping or lounging around the house.

Wrapping Up

It is difficult to determine a definitive list of the most preferred lingeries for men, as personal preferences and cultural norms vary widely. However, some common types of lingerie that men may prefer include boxers, briefs and boxer briefs, which offer a range of coverage and support options. Other popular choices include jockstraps and thongs, which may be preferred for their revealing or playful nature.

Various types of men’s lingerie are available in the market to cater to different preferences and needs. From traditional underwear styles such as briefs and boxers to more risqué options like thongs and jockstraps, there is something for every taste and occasion. Some men may opt for functional and comfortable lingerie, while others may be interested in more fashionable and daring pieces. Choosing lingerie that feels comfortable and fits well is essential regardless of personal style and preferences. With a wide range of options, men can find the perfect lingerie to suit their needs and preferences.

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