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You have probably been told that from October 1, you can legally bet in the Netherlands. It was already possible to bet on sports at Toto, but playing blackjack online, for example, was not legal. This has changed with the arrival of the Remote Gambling Act.

After years of delay, it is possible to bet legally in the Netherlands from October 1. You could already bet on sports at Toto, but playing 토토사이트 blackjack online, for example, was not legal. With the advent of the Remote Gambling Act, this is now possible. Ten companies have received a license from the Netherlands Gaming Authority (KSA). It is, therefore, only possible to play legally at these companies. Below you can read how you can play safely at these websites and find out which websites are licensed by the KSA.

Play online at a licensed gambling provider

 At the end of September, ten companies received a license from the Gaming Authority to offer online games of chance. This means that the gambling market in the Netherlands is now open to Dutch players. This way, you no longer have to use a VPN to gamble in another country.

 Foreign casinos are officially not allowed to admit Dutch players. By specifying a different address, you are committing fraud, which is never good. The casino has it if you don’t have much trouble with that. They can stop any payouts and block your account. That means you lose your intended profit and see your deposited amounts disappear like snow in the sun.

 Now that you can legally play at a Dutch gambling  토토사이트 site, you run less risk. The companies licensed by the KSA have been extensively tested for safety. For example, you can also contact the Gaming Authority if you have complaints about the casino or find irregularities. A license from the KSA gives you the confidence that an online casino meets all the conditions of the Remote Gambling Act and that you have not ended up with a shadowy company.

Do not play from a public computer.

 Let’s discuss whether it is wise to play casino games at work. In any case, logging into your casino account and playing on a public network or computer is not recommended. Many people still underestimate the dangers of a public network. Although an online casino seems harmless, you do log in here and use an email address and password. There are also financial transactions.

 Your data bundle from your phone is, therefore, a safer choice. Without good WiFi, you can use a 4G or 5G network as your laptop’s hotspot. In addition, mobile betting is a lot easier, and you no longer need a PC. Handy and safe if you are on the road a lot.

Other Safety Precautions

 Of course, you know that you should regularly delete your cookies, not save your password and regularly delete your browsing history. In addition, it is also a good idea to check with the various gambling sites whether you have a secure connection. The lock in your browser shows this, but you can also see which security protocol is used on gambling sites. The best online casinos use an SSL(TSL) 1.3 certificate, ensuring your data is encrypted, and you can log in securely.

Finally: the 10 gambling sites where you can gamble safely and legally as a Dutchman

 Below is a list of the ten gambling sites where it is allowed to gamble as a Dutch player. All these companies have a license from the Dutch Gaming Authority. Besides playing at a reliable casino, you do not pay any gambling tax on your winnings here.

  • Betent BV (Betty)
  • Bingoal Netherlands BV
  • FPO Nederland BV (Fair Play Casino Online & Fair Play Bingo)
  • Hillside (New Media Malta) Plc (Bet365
  • Holland Casino NV
  • LiveScore Malta Limited
  • NSUS Malta Limited (GG Poker)
  • Play North Limited (Batavia Casino)
  • Tombola International Malta Plc
  • TOTO Online BV

If you have any doubts about the safety of a casino, please get in touch with the provider’s customer service or the Gaming Authority and stop playing immediately. Better safe than sorry.

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