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Recently, playing football seems to have become very familiar and easy. In football betting, there are many different types of bets. In particular, it is impossible not to mention the parity bet because it appears often on the house rafters’ tables. So do you know how to play parity bets yet on a sports betting app? The following article will provide players with all relevant information about parity.

What is a parity bet?

A parity bet is a type of side bet, present at most of the big and small bookmakers. Basically, even bets are bets where players predict the total number of goals in a match, whether it is an even number or an odd number. The abbreviation for this type of bet on the rafters display table is E/O, which is parity in English, meaning even and odd.

Players, when betting on parity, will not have to worry about which team wins or loses. The only thing to note is whether the total number of goals scored is even or odd. New players, even though they do not have much experience, can still join the game without having to worry too much.

Currently, along with the growing demand for bets, variations of parity bets are also appearing more and more. These can be mentioned as: The total number of goals for each team; the total number of goals in the first half; the total number of goals in the second half; the total number of corners or throw-ins…

How to play parity effectively

Parity is a simple and easy to understand type of bet, with a strong element of chance during the game. With friendly, open matches, the number of goals scored will often be very large, and prediction is, of course, not easy. In these cases, it is mainly the player’s luck to guess.

As for the matches where the two teams are equal, have good play, be cautious. The nature of the match is to compete for rankings. There is a great chance that it will be a draw.

In a match, if the number of goals is not even, then it will be odd. This means the chance of winning this market, with any bet is 50-50. Keep in mind that the parity bet is, after all, just a type of side bet, absolutely should not be lost. momentum, bet large to face unexpected risks

Experience playing parity bets

Thorough research on the two teams

This is probably a must-do no matter what type of bet you choose, not just the parity bet. Let’s start with the information about each team’s lineup with the players with the highest scoring ability as well as the actual injury situation… Maybe just very small factors, but more or less likely. influence on the match score.

In particular, pay attention to the number of goals each team has scored in the last 5 matches. This will help players see the team’s ability most accurately.

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Choose the right bet level to minimize risk

As a new player who does not have a lot of playing experience as well as exposure conditions, you should choose a bet with a small, suitable bet. It will help players limit risks and have a sufficient amount of money to have the opportunity to withdraw capital.

Only when you are really confident enough, have enough knowledge and experience, then place a bet with a larger bet.

Play with what you can lose

Remember, football betting is just a hobby, a little higher, it can be considered an investment channel. But just stop there. That is absolutely not a long-term job, a career that can support yourself and your family. Each person’s life still has a lot of values to pay attention to, be it work, family, friends, etc. Nothing can replace those core values, trade-offs.

Don’t just play with what you can lose, within the amount of capital you have. Do not pledge, mortgage, or borrow to play bets, causing negative effects on yourself.


Above is all the content that we want to share about parity. Hopefully, it can help players have the knowledge and experience to play parity bets most effectively. Good luck and success.

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