Safety on the Playground: How to Set It Up


A Safe Playground is a place for children to play safely. There are many things you can do to ensure that your 안전놀이터 is as safe as possible. The rules should be simple and easy to follow. You also have to supervise children while they play. You should always stay in their line of sight and watch out for other children and adults. By implementing these rules, you can make your playground a safe place for your child to play.

Equipment to Avoid

To prevent injuries, playgrounds must be free from equipment that can cause a hazard. For example, free-swinging ropes or heavy metal swings should be avoided. You should also check all playground equipment for sharp points or tripping hazards. If the playground has an elevated surface, guardrails should be in place. Make sure to inspect playground equipment regularly and contact the owners if there are any concerns. Metal playground equipment should also be protected against rust since rust can result in sharp edges. You should also cover climbing equipment with slip-resistant material.

Metal playground equipment can become very hot in the summer. This can lead to contact burns. Children should wear clothing that does not have drawstrings, and always apply sunscreen when they play outside. It is also important to purchase playground equipment that is appropriate for children of all ages. For example, smaller swings should be used by little kids, while larger children should use larger swings. In addition, you should always install playground equipment according to the manufacturer’s instructions. It is also important to make sure that kids can reach moving parts without getting trapped.

Unitary surfaces

A safe playground surface is a crucial part of any playground. It can prevent serious injuries and costs in the long run. Choosing the right material is vital if you want a durable, functional surface. However, it is important to remember that unitary surfaces can be quite an expensive upfront and require installation by a professional. Also, they can be hot in the summer months and are less resilient than loose-fill materials. The best way to make sure that you choose a unitary surface that meets the standards of safety is to check its test results and certification papers. You can check its HIC or Gam results to make sure that it complies with safety requirements. However, if it fails to pass the tests, you should not purchase it.

안전놀이터 Rubber tiles are another unitary surface option. These are made of recycled rubber that is bonded with a polyurethane binder. They are typically 2 by 2 feet in size and are available in a variety of colors and patterns. However, they do require professional installation, which can be costly if you plan on installing several units. They also can curl over time and collect dirt between the cracks, so it is important to maintain them regularly.


Ensure that children are protected from harm by installing a secure playground railing. This will help to prevent accidents and tripping. The railing should not have gaps or protrusions. Ideally, the spaces between the railings and the playground edges should be no greater than half an inch. If this is not the case, you should have your railings inspected by a professional. While playground rules are designed to keep children safe, accidents still occur without warning.

Railings must be installed at the correct height to prevent children from falling. The height should be at least six feet above the ground. This height will help prevent the child from slipping. If the height of the playsets is higher, the platform should have a barrier to protect the child from falling.

Tripping hazards

A well-maintained playground should be free from tripping hazards. The best way to eliminate tripping hazards is to inspect the playground regularly and fix any problems that are found. The most common tripping hazards include cracks in playground surfacing, uneven surfaces, and uneven pieces of equipment. Fortunately, these hazards can often be avoided.

Other tripping hazards include exposed concrete footings, rocks, tree roots, and containment boundaries. To reduce the risk of tripping, ensure the playground has guardrails at the top and bottom of any elevated structure. In addition, ensure that all playground equipment is age-appropriate. If the playground contains climbing and slide equipment, separate the two areas.

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