Top 10 Must-Have Men’s Accessories

What if we told you that the “phones, keys, wallet” checklist you run through in your head before leaving the house is equally as crucial as your fashion accessories? It’s worth the time and effort to provide those extra details, and not only because they’re useful. Accessories can help you feel more confident by elevating your look. Trust us when we say it’s worth taking a few extra minutes before leaving the house. After all, all it takes is a little thought and experimentation to get the job done.

Here’s a rundown of must-have men’s accessories and how to style them.

Men’s accessories must-haves: When it comes to creating your accessory armory, these everyday carry items are an excellent place to start. Consider your daily routine before deciding what your clothing needs the most.

1. Wallets

A bifold (or trifold) wallet made of supple yet robust leather will keep your cards and cash safe. A sleek money clip or card case may suffice if you prefer something less substantial.

2. Watch

At the very least, you should have a casual timepiece (such as leather or silicone) that you can wear any day of the week and a beautiful wristwatch (look for a bracelet band) that can be worn for business and special occasions.

3. A pair of sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have accessory for guys in any season to combat glare and protect their eyes from UV radiation, not just in the summer. Here’s a list of the greatest pairs for your facial shape.

Oval: Thanks to its distinguishing symmetry, this face shape supports just about any style, from aviator to wayfarer.

Heart: A round pair has a nostalgic vibe, but if you want something edgier, the sports form is the way to go.

Round: Frames defined by sharp lines (such as shield) offset full cheeks and a curved jawline.

Square: This angular face shape is proportional to pairs with curved edges (such as aviator and oval).

4. Headgear

Collect a diverse range of styles to suit varied aesthetics and formalities to create a well-rounded collection.

Baseball caps: This sporty hat is essential for amplifying your athleisure.

Fedoras: Wear it with a striped sports coat or blazer for a traditional handsome look.

Panama hats: Take a basic button-down and belted linen pants to the next level on a breezy day.

Beanies: Choose a vibrant knit that will stand out in dreary weather, or keep to the colour scheme of your clothing.

Bucket hats: This on-trend accessory made a significant reappearance in 2019 and may be worn in a variety of ways.

5. Jewelry

Don’t overthink it when it comes to jewellery. Small accessories, such as a ring or pendant, can be extensions of your own style, meaningful symbols, or a combination of the two. You can also layer different metal or chain necklaces or opt for a simple string bracelet like the Tibetan Buddhist bracelet.
Men’s work accessories

Make sartorial choices based on the environment of your company. Then, while still adhering to the dress code, you can invest in classic men’s accessory basics to add uniqueness to your on-duty uniform.

6. Ties

Use a necktie to add a splash of color or a subtle pattern, then finish it off with a tie bar for added panache. (Tip: Always knot your tie clip between your shirt’s third and fourth buttons.)

7. Dress belt made of leather

The basic rule is to match the color and finish of your shoes and belt, but this does not have to be exact. At least two colours should be worn by every man: black and brown.

8. Work backpacks

Briefcases blend the polished appearance of an old-school attaché case with the casualness of a messenger bag, making them suitable for the business-formal dress. Backpacks, on the other hand, are a convenient, hands-free option if your profession requires smart-casual attire.
A particular occasion’s accessories, have you ever been stumped when it comes to choosing a pocket square and tie? Or the proper placement of a lapel pin on your jacket? Formalwear can be scary at first, but after you learn the guidelines, it becomes much easier.

9. Cufflinks and bow ties

While the typical set of regulations are more restrained, “modern black-tie” and “black-tie-optional” invites allow for some self-expression. To be on the safe side, wear plain cufflinks and a black bowtie when in doubt.

10. Pocket squares

It should enhance your tie but not exactly match it (to avoid the appearance of over-planning). It’s a safe bet to go with a solid-colored pocket square with a patterned tie, or vice versa.


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