Top 7 Websites to Download PC Games Free

Games! Games! Games! We all love playing video games, and most of us have been playing them for decades! However, not all games are free today, so we bring you the best websites to download free pc games, even in 2021.

All these websites allow free-to-play video games that help beginners try out gaming or help people de-stress from their rather hectic schedules. Some of these sites include both paid and free games making our life even more convenient.

Let’s look at some of the websites that provide free games for us to enjoy.


1. Ocean of Games

Ocean of Games offers over 11 genres to choose from, with thousands of games to play. They’ve been around since 2013, and their sole purpose is to unite the gaming community.

They also provide reviews, news about upcoming games, and other information. They direct you to the most recent releases on the home page.


2. GOG

As the name implies, Good Old Games offers a wide range of indie and classic games from the 1990s. They offer both paid and unrestricted services.

CD Projekt, the creators of Cyberpunk 2077 and The Witcher, owns the company. It is successful in the Steam-dominated PC gaming market.


3. Acid Play

The second website on our list is Acidplay, which is perhaps the best website for people who want to play free games. It now has over 1500 games available to play for free (2020). On the home page, it shows the top 10 most popular and recently released games.

Every game has a one-line description, a rating, and the game’s category. It aids the user in locating what he seeks and providing a more enjoyable experience. There are over 11 different video game genres available on the website. Arcade, Action, and Role-Playing Games are some of these genres (RPG).


4. Free2Play

Free2Play is a website that offers free MMO and RPG games. It provides a wealth of information, including interviews, essays, and game reviews.



Several remakes of classic games, as well as several indie games and hundreds of commercials, may be found on Reloaded. While they may guarantee that you will find decent games on this website, they do not guarantee that you will have a good time.

Interviews and a list of game creators that have contributed to the website are also available on the site. In 2005-06, they were nominated for five “Da Fast Lane” awards and won three of them. They also direct you to some related websites that you might find interesting.


6. attempts to disrupt the notion of modern-day video games including a military setting. Itch is a website where you can find the most recent independent games. It has made a significant contribution to the indie gaming community.

On the website, you may buy, upload, and play free games. It may be aimed at a specific demographic, but it does an outstanding job of bringing them together. Itch is a website that hosts forums for the indie gaming community. One of the most excellent games accessible on itch is “Adventures with Anxiety.”


7. AllgamesAtoZ

AllgamesAtoZ is the most convenient approach to locate free online games. AllgamesAtoZ is a website that aggregates free games from all over the internet and brings them all together in one place.


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