Top Causes Of Burn Injuries

Top Causes Of Burn Injuries

A severe burn is a common type of burn injury but a serious one and may require intense medical treatment. Getting burned in an accident can result in long-term stays at the hospital, meaning a long list of medical bills, lost wages, and secondary illnesses. You deserve compensation if someone else’s negligence has resulted in a severe burn injury. 

Burns are among the most painful and complicated injuries. Severe burns do not just affect your skin but your nerves, muscle, blood vessels as well as bones. They can also affect your physical appearance greatly and your immune health, temperature, and psychological well-being. If you were injured, click here for help and hire an attorney.

Top causes of burn injuries 

  • Smoke inhalation. 

Inhaling smoke or too much carbon dioxide in a fire can cause great damage to the lungs. Fossil fuels are used in various areas of life, and the burning of these fuels produces a large amount of carbon dioxide, which people inhale on a daily basis. The damage can happen even if you are not in direct contact with the fuels. 

  • Fire-flame.

Most people realize that fire flames can cause dangerous burns, but sometimes these burn accidents happen without the victim’s fault. Fires and open flames can be caused at home due to mishaps in home cooking or fires in another person’s property that spiral out of your control. According to estimates, 73% of the fires in the US happen at home. 

  • Electrical equipment mishaps.

Electric equipment mishaps can result in fatal electric shock accidents or significantly impact a person’s life. Electric burns are one of the most dangerous burn injury accidents. They can happen when you come in direct contact with exposed wires or swim in electric current water. The most unfortunate fact about electrical equipment is that most accidents happen due to mishandling machinery and can be avoided with preventative steps.

  • Scalds.

Scalds are burns caused when a person directly touches extremely hot liquids or steam. You may have experienced minor burns while drinking and accidentally spilling hot tea or coffee, but over-heated tap water also accounts for a majority of such accidents. To avoid such accidents, always ensure the water heater is set at a safe temperature. 

  • Thermal contact.

Thermal contact burns happen when a person comes in direct contact with an open heat source and are one of the most common burn injury accidents. For example, flames of a fire or boiling water. 

  • Chemical.

Chemical burns are the most life-threatening, and even the smallest accidents can burn your eyes, skin, and organs for life. 

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