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The essential characteristics of each 메이저사이트of the 9 different video poker versions that are included in the Triple Draw Poker video poker game are listed below. Additionally, keep in mind that you can play a different game simply by pressing the button labelled “More Games”:

Jacks or Better is the most straightforward game in terms of its pay table and strategy. In Jacks or Better, the payoff for a pair of Jacks is the lowest possible payout.

Bonus Poker

  • Bonus Poker is a type of poker that provides additional payments for four aces, four 2s, 3s, and 4s, as well as four 5s through Ks.
  • Bonus Poker Deluxe provides an extremely substantial payoff for any four-of-a-kind combination that is achieved.

The bare minimum for each hand in Triple Play 메이저사이트Draw Poker is ten coins, as was previously mentioned (30 total). When you check over the pay tables, you’ll notice that this results in some unexpected payouts.

Using the Jacks or Better, Deuces Wild, and Double Bonus pay tables, here are some examples:

Bets of up to five coins are permitted in the typical video poker game, which places a cap on the possible winnings. Yet, as can be seen from these pay tables, the larger bets will result in greater payouts.


You only need to stake up to ten coins on each hand if you follow the approach laid out for you. There is a direct correlation between the number of coins you risk on each hand and the amount of money you win.

You should only consider betting more than the minimum if you want a chance at winning greater prizes.

A payout of 32,000 coins for a royal flush can be won by betting 40 coins per hand for 120 coins. That translates to wagering $10.00 per hand on a game with a quarter denomination to win $8,000 total.

Video Poker Triple Play Draw PokerCan win you $1 Million if you play it well! Video Poker

Even though the pay tables we’ve given go up to a maximum of 40 coins each hand, you can risk up to 5,000 coins on each hand for a maximum of 15,000 overall.

In this scenario, a royal flush is worth 4,000,000 coins, which translates to $1,000,000 when played on a machine that only accepts quarters.

One important point to note is that the programming of some Triple Play Draw Poker games does not allow for wagers of this magnitude. You can only wager a maximum of 300 coins per hand on the machine we used, which is a long way short of the 5,000 coin mark.

Even if you were allowed to wager 5,000 coins, this would still amount to $1,250.00 for each hand (a total of $3,750). Put together a game that pays out less than fifty percent of the time requires a sizeable financial investment. Always Search for the Best Pay Tables When Playing Video Poker

Even though Triple Play Draw Poker has unusual bets and payouts, you can still use standard strategy to determine which pay tables offer the best odds of winning.

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