What Are 1157 LED Light Bulb For Brake Lights?

1157 LED light bulb for brake lights

The first 1157 brake light bulb is a small incandescent bulb, with a diameter of 5.9cm and a length of 5.8cm. The bulb uses a C-7T bulb type and has a voltage rating of 12 volts. There are two types of 1157 LED light bulb for brake lights

The first type is the instant-start type, which means that the bulb starts at a lower amperage and gradually increases in current to reach its full brightness. 

The second type is the delay-start type, which means that the bulb has a longer delay before reaching its full brightness. This second type of bulb is usually used in brake lights that are on for longer periods of time.

How to Use a 1157 brake light bulb?

The installation is simple, just like any other standard light bulb. If you are replacing a bulb that is currently working, then you will only need to remove the old one and insert the new 1157 bulb into the socket. If you are installing a new bulb, then you will need to remove the old socket and replace it with a new socket for the 1157 bulb. SuncentAuto brake light bulb shop is now online where one can buy a product and easily with free and fast shipping process.

While it is possible to install the socket yourself, it is best to leave this step to a professional. The reason for this is that the 1157 bulb is a little different from other light bulbs. The difference is in the base. The 1157 bulb has 3 prongs, also known as pins, on the bottom instead of 2. This is to ensure that the bulb does not short circuit or become loose in the socket.

How to select the right 1157 brake light bulb for your vehicle?

What is the right 1157 bulb? The 1157 bulb is a small incandescent light bulb with a wedge base that is used in a variety of automotive applications. The 1157 bulb is a fitment in tail, brake, turn signal and indicator lamps on vehicles. The 1157 bulb is available in a number of shapes, sizes and power ratings

There are more than 65 different 1157 bulb part numbers available in the US, and each 1157 bulb has slightly different specifications based on the power required and the bulb’s shape and size. The 1157 bulb is a 12-volt automotive light bulb. The 1157 bulb is typically used in the interior of vehicles for lights, but the 1157 bulb is also used in the exterior of vehicles for brake lights, turn signals, and side marker lights. 

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