What’s in a Luxury Apartment?

Luxury Apartment

So, you’ve decided to upgrade your lifestyle and move to a bigger apartment. But for someone who has yet to experience this lifestyle and is creating it, it can be challenging to figure out what to look for in high end apartments. So, these are some possibilities you might enjoy in luxury living:

Multiple Baths

A straight-up necessity, usually, luxury apartments will have an attached bathroom with every room, but there might also be extra restrooms for guests. These will usually have a separate sink area, possibly separate his and hers sinks, and a shower area separated by glass. Of course, this widely depends on the architect and design. You might also have a sleek-looking bathtub with a beautiful skyline view.

Living Rooms — Yes, Plural

Luxury means you can have different spaces dedicated to different activities. The TV room is usually different from the living room. Fancy apartments for bachelors might have a den of some sort. And for big families, the parents can chill in one living room while the children play in another. This increases privacy, independence, and peace to a great extent.

Laundry Room

No washing machine is ever on display in high end apartments. There is probably a separate room with a washing machine and dryer. Other appliances like dishwashers might also be installed here. This way, when you have friends over, you don’t have the distaste for your dirty laundry on display for everyone to see.

Walk-In Pantry

Walking into a pantry can be like a dream come true if you love storing your favourite snacks. Imagine coming home after a rough day and your kitchen’s a complete mess. You don’t feel like cooking, and your kitchen will likely grow unsanitary. But a large pantry means all your grains, spices, and groceries are well organised. This also establishes a more organised life as you always make efficient grocery runs and restock things you’re running low on.

High Ceilings

You might have the money to spend, but big apartments do not exist in large cities. The solution that architects come up with is to have high ceilings. This creates the impression of a bigger space and gives the apartment a richer look. Likewise, luxury apartments also have high ceilings, giving homeowners vertical space for art installations and fancy lighting.

Home Security

Of course, high end apartments are very attractive to burglars. That’s why different security systems must get in place. Having a key card simply doesn’t cut it; if security is a big concern for you (and it should be), try to find a place with a doorman and camera systems. Even better if emergency alert systems are in place, as they will help you contact the authorities immediately in case of danger.

Natural Spaces

Commercial or residential buildings often surround luxury apartments in big cities. In metropolitans, it is especially hard to connect with nature. But when designed by good architects, fancy apartments consider that spending time with nature gets you peace of mind, a significant determining factor of luxury living. So, look for natural spaces like gardens, balconies, terraces, patios, and backyards.

Synchronised Colour Palette

Lastly, a synchronised colour palette brings together the whole apartment. A well-put-together space will effectively create the illusion that it’s a fancy apartment, even if it’s not the richest building on the block. So, you may do this to your home to give it a lavish look.

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