White Label CBD Suppliers: 7 Of The Best On The Market 


CBD businesses are among the fastest-growing businesses today. The demand for CBD products has made it possible for businesses to grow from scratch and become successful within a short time. Business owners in this industry either grow their Market businesses by introducing new brands/ lines of CBD products or using white labeling. White labeling is a great way of pushing your products without worrying about the cost of setting and promoting private label products. 

Private Label Vs. White Label

But what makes the significant difference between these two? It is essential to understand the difference because the two terms are often used interchangeably yet very differently. White label CBD products refer to standard formulations and configurations produced by white label companies to have the products put up for resale purposes. Different/ multiple sellers will be involved in selling similar products but under other names. It is possible to have different brand names selling the same product if it is white labeling. 

On the other hand, CBD private label products are specially produced to be sold under your company brand only. It is some customization of products for specific brands. You will not have any other company selling the same products or formulations. With private labeling, everything is unique to your brand and specific to your wants and needs. You get to have proprietary, so you must part with much more cash.  

Most small or mid-level companies do not have the funds to have private labels. They often opt for white labels instead. This does not mean that the quality of the products is lower or compromised; it only means that it is more affordable to run a business. Several successful white label CBD companies you could consider buying products from. Below are the top 7 companies that have excelled and continue to do well, making them excellent white-label suppliers. 

Joy Organics  

Joy Organics is a renowned CBD company that sells products under its brand name. The company has a complete range of USDA Certified Organic CBD products. They also offer white labels to interested businesses, especially those interested in organic CBD products. The company makes it easy for businesses to start with an investment of as little as $2,500, which will serve as the initial ordering threshold.

Besides that, you also only need a $1,000 reorder minimum purchase requirement. With such friendly terms, any CBD company interested in selling legit organic CBD products as their branding can count on Joy Organics to get started. 

Folium Biosciences  

This is one of the oldest CBD manufacturing companies in the US. They are known for producing high-quality CBD products because of the extraction technique, not forgetting that the company offers white labels on their different products, including CBD oils, soft gels, and salves. They are also famous for their CBD products for dogs, meaning that you can start a CBD for pets business. You will love that their products are certified by Kosher and Halal. 

The Hemp Plug

The Hemp Plug has both white and private label options for their seed-to-shelf CBD products. The company’s products range from tinctures, capsules, CBD-infused dog treats, gummies, and CBD bath products. The hemp is all organically grown in the US, so you can trust the process. The company offers different options to make the products unique, including product packaging and branding. With a high level of expertise, you can trust the company to help you start your CBD business successfully. 

CBD Hemp Experts 

This is a Florida-based company with both white and private label options for businesses in the CBD sector. All the products from the company are produced in FDA-approved facilities and GMP certified. Therefore, if you choose to work with the company, you are sure that all the products you will be selling are of top-notch quality. In addition, CBD products are manufactured under industry standards. 

The products are diverse since they include both THC-free and products with THC under 0.03%. They do not have a minimum order on their product requirements; hence a perfect solution for companies just starting in the business. You are free to make your unrestricted orders. These can be as much or as little as you need to introduce your business. 

Partnered Process  

This company offers both white and private label options for its extensive range of USDA Organic CBD products. Their products are 100% organic grown in Wisconsin and processed/ manufactured into tinctures, edibles, smokable CBD hemp buds, vape juice, joints, and topicals.  

The company allows small businesses to start with white labeling and then transition to proprietary products since they offer both white and private label options for businesses. Partnered Process boosts fresh products that make it worthwhile to order from them. If you are interested in ordering bulk hemp and CBD oils, choose this company. This gives businesses the option of reprocessing the oils into capsules, tinctures, and other CBD products unique to them. 


LaurelCrest is a company based in Seattle and offers private and white label options for small businesses. Their products include standard oils, CBD-infused products like bath bombs, cosmetics, and beverages.   

They also produce gels, tinctures, and balms. These products are excellent since each batch can be traced to its origin, a specific farm in Oregon. As a small business just starting, you get to know and be confident that the products that get top your customers are of excellent quality. 

Grow with Redeem  

This is an excellent white label company that you would be happy to partner with. The company also offers clients private label products. All their products are pharma grade produced as the company is USDA Certified. The production takes place in the cGMP facility in West Columbia, SC.  

Note that all products from this company are either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum products, including gummies, tinctures, and topicals. Partnering with the company assures you access to market-tested products, which every small CBD business needs. Additionally, you can get branding and label designing services from the company. Feel free to make an order of any size because they have no minimum order requirements. 

Final Thoughts

Starting your own CBD business does not have to be very involved. You can try white label companies as you familiarize yourself with the market and slowly get to have your label. Check out the different companies offering white label services. 

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