Why And How To Combine Playlists On Spotify?

Combine playlists on Spotify

Are you looking for a way to combine playlists on Spotify (two or more) but not finding what you need? On Spotify, you may merge many playlists into a single one using one of several possible approaches.

The first approach is to use the “Drag and Drop” tool, which can be found on the desktop version of Spotify and nowhere else. The songs may be moved in this manner by dragging and dropping them. The songs may be dragged and dropped from one playlist to another in order to shift them from one to the other.

You also have the option of going to the settings menu when in the playlist view and selecting “Add to other playlists” from that menu. This may be done while you are in the playlist view. This function can only be accessed via the Spotify mobile app, which is available for devices running iOS as well as Android.

In the following paragraphs, we will examine each method in further depth.

How To Combine Playlists On Spotify (Desktop)

The Spotify “Drag and Drop” capability was the first approach that was developed to combine many playlists into a single one. Using this tool, which is accessible on the desktop version of Spotify, you can easily move songs from one playlist to another by simply dragging and dropping them. This method is perfect for quickly integrating the songs from two separate playlists into a single one since it uses a drag-and-drop interface.

You have the choice of picking individual songs to add to a new playlist, or you have the option of selecting all of the music to be added to the playlist.

What you ought to do is as follows:

  • Start the Spotify desktop program or use the web player to listen to the music.
  • Start the playlist whose contents you wish to replicate in another playlist, and do so by clicking on its name.
  • To choose all of the songs on this playlist at once, hit the Control key together with the A key simultaneously (or the CMD and A keys on a Mac). To choose certain songs from the playlist, you must first press and hold the CTRL key (or the CMD key on MacOS) before clicking on the songs individually.
  • Make sure that the selection is active, and check to see that the appropriate songs have been highlighted. You have two options for adding the selected songs to a playlist on the left sidebar: you may either click the right mouse button and choose “Add to playlist” from the context menu, or you can utilize the context menu directly. **
  • You will not be able to add songs to any other playlist than the one that you have created. If you discover that you need to, create a new, empty playlist and add songs from the other playlists to it. Do this only if you discover that you need to.

How To Combine Playlists On Spotify (Ios And Android)

There is also a method that is exclusive to the mobile version of the Spotify app and is not available on any other platform. While you are viewing the playlist, you have the opportunity to access the menu of available options and then choose “Add to another playlist” from that menu. how By doing this step, a playlist will be added to another playlist on Spotify that is already in existence.

Start up Spotify and go to the playlist containing the tracks you wish to mix together.

Tap the three dots that are situated at the top of the playlist in order to browse through it.

Go to the Add to playlist page on Spotify and choose a playlist from the list there if you wish to combine two or more of your existing playlists into a single one.

How To Combine Playlists On Spotify (Third-Party App)

One other approach that may be used to merge playlists on Spotify is to make use of a third-party service like FreeYourMusic. This is one of many options. Using this service, you will be able to import your playlists from one account to another and merge them into a single, all-encompassing playlist. You will also be able to export your playlists.

Download a third-party tool so that you may listen to it on the device of your choice.

Start the application and connect your accounts with the streaming services you employ.

Identify the platform that will function in both the source and the destination roles.

Choose the playlist that you want to combine with another one from the possibilities that are available to you. To see the many choices for the playlist, click on the icon that looks like a gear.

Make your selection from the playlists to which you want to add the music.

The program will combine a playlist that is stored in a user’s account with Spotify with a playlist that is stored in an account with a different music streaming service (Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, etc). While the transfer is being performed, you should hold your breath.

How To Combine Playlists On Spotify (Conclusion)

In conclusion, merging playlists on Spotify may be accomplished in a variety of different ways depending on your preferences. Whether you are using the mobile app or the desktop version, you have access to a variety of options that allow you to combine your playlists. Some of these options include making use of the drag-and-drop feature, the settings menu, or a service that is supplied by a third party. If you follow the aforementioned steps, you will discover that it is not difficult at all to compile a playlist that has some of your most beloved songs and is suitable for use on any occasion.

When you combine playlists on Spotify, your core purpose is to get more streams on Spotify and increase followers on Spotify as these are mandatory things to succeed on this amazing music platform.

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