5 Signs You Should Visit a Urologist


A urologist is a doctor that specializes in urinary tract issues and male reproductive diseases and conditions. The urinary tract contains the bladder, ureters, kidneys, and urethra. And if we talk about male reproductive organs it includes the testes, prostate, and the penis. The best urologist in Karachi says that there is a lot of confusion related to the concept of a urologist. 

It is possible that you go and give a visit to your urologist for a regular checkup and if this is the case with you, then you are off to a great start. But how does one know that there is help needed in urinary health or some attention from a specialist? Well, there is no need to worry as I am here to tell you about the early signs or indications that you need to focus on to give a visit to the urologist. 

Let’s have a closer look at all the signs that one must focus on in order to give a visit to a urologist. 

Testicular Lumps and Pain

If you are experiencing testicular lumps or there is any unusual pain down there, it is a great sign that you need to give a visit to the urologist. These two symptoms are signs that point towards having issues like having a scrotal mass. Now, this is something that nobody knows anything about. This is why there is a visit needed to the urologist that can help you in the management of this pain and condition.

A lot of the scrotal masses that occur are not as deadly or damaging as they sound but it does require treatment. However, some of these signs can indicate serious issues like testicular cancer. But the good news is, the earlier you visit the earlier the disease is detected and the earlier it is treated. So, if you feel a sudden pain in the scrotum or you feel a lump appearing, make sure to visit the best urologist near you as soon as you can. 

Enlarged Prostate

For those who don’t know, the prostate is a gland that is present in the male reproductive system and is present below the bladder and the urethra. When the prostate is enlarged, it presses on the bladder and urethra and that blocks the passage of the urine. The common issues that can occur as a result of it are trouble during urination, having a feeling of a full bladder, frequent urination, and trickling after urinating.

There are a lot of treatments that are available that can fix the issues of the prostate gland.  But this can only happen if you give a visit to a urologist just at the right time. Your urologist can suggest ways to reduce the pain that you feel and can suggest treatment options that can work well for you. 

Bloody Urine

Seeing blood in the urine can be a sign that there is something wrong with your urinary system or the kidneys or any other organ relevant to the urinary tract. Blood when observed in the urine can be an alarming sign and shouldn’t be ignored.

The blood can be a warning sign that you might be suffering from a bladder infection, bladder cancer, kidney cancer, or an enlarged prostate. The blood in the urine obviously means there is something wrong with the urinary system and the only way to sort that out is by visiting a urologist near you. 

Pain While Urination

If there is pain while urinating, a burning sensation, or stinging urine coming out then there is a great chance that you go and visit a urologist that can find the reason behind you feeling this pain while urination.

The most common cause of burning urine or painful urine is urinary tract infection, however, there are chances that other issues might be causing it too. There is another reason that can cause problems in urination, this can be prostatitis. This is the inflammation that occurs in the prostate gland. 

For a better diagnosis, it is important that you go and make a visit to a urologist that can help you in finding out the exact issue that you are facing or the reasons for which you are feeling this particular condition. A urologist may also recommend you a urine test. And the urine test price in Pakistan is quite affordable to get done by anyone.

Abnormalities in the Kidneys

Kidney problem is one of the side effects of high globulin levels and can also be a sign of kidney disease. Sometimes, the smallest of the problems can be a big indicator of issues that can have a huge impact on kidney health. So, to be sure, it is important to visit your urologist on time and get the treatment done before it is too late.


Kidney health and specifically the health of the urinary system is very important just like other systems. There are chances that you are smart enough to diagnose yourself but the best way is to visit a urologist. So make sure that you keep an eye on the signs that are targeting the deterioration of the kidney health or male sexual organs. 

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