Easy and Effective Oral Care Routine to Take Care of Your Teeth with Braces

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The aim behind having braces is to better the health of the teeth and mouth and create a confident smile. However, if you (or your kid) are not taking proper care of your teeth when the braces are on, it can be problematic. Your teeth can develop cavities, stains and gum problems. These problems can cause more problems in the future. This is why it is essential to follow a good oral care routine when you have braces on.

Given below are effective ways to take care of your teeth and mouth if you have teeth braces in Gurgaon.

  1. Brush Your Teeth Regularly

With braces, it is better to brush with the 2-by-2 plan. What is a 2-by-2 plan? It is to brush teeth two times a day and spend two minutes each time. Use a brush that has soft bristles. If you have any rubber band or other such removable accessory on, take that off first and then brush.

You can start by brushing on the top part of your mouth. Use a circular motion and start to move the brush across each tooth. As you brush, remember to move the toothbrush down below the wires. This would make it easy to reach everything below and above the braces. Once you have done this on the teeth at the top, gently move to the teeth on the bottom and repeat.

It can be tempting to skip brushing but do not give in. Ensure to brush your teeth daily.

  1. Floss and Use Mouthwash

A brush may not reach all the cracks and crevices between each tooth. Therefore, it is important to floss as well. It is good to floss every day. You can use a thread or other flossing aid to reach in between each tooth. Flossing helps with removing food particles your toothbrush might have missed.

Then, after you are done with brushing and flossing, rinse your mouth with mouthwash. This is to reach areas that may require extra attention.

  1. Water Pik

Even though it does not replace flossing, the Water Pik can be a great addition to your oral care routine. It might take you some time to learn and get the hang of how to use a Water Pik. However, once you have incorporated it into your routine, you may find it a pleasant addition. Oral irrigators can be excellent tools for removing stubborn food particles that the brush and floss could not remove.

  1. Check with the Mirror

Once you are done with the above steps, use a mirror to check out your smile. It is better to look closely to ensure there are no stubborn food particles got left behind. In addition, ensure that wires are not sticking out and are not out of place. It is helpful to check the braces regularly because you would be able to identify problems quickly. If something is not right, you can notify your orthodontist.

  1. Get Care Tips from Your Orthodontist

When an orthodontist puts dental service in Gurgaon, they would most likely discuss how to brush and floss. With the help of their staff members, they may demonstrate how to brush and floss to get the best results. They would also tell you what to do if your braces break or you experience pain with the braces on.

They would also provide instructions on what you can and cannot eat with braces on. Make sure to listen to all the instructions carefully. If you have to ask something about the oral care routine with braces on, ask without hesitation.

  1. Be Careful with the Foods You Eat

Thorough instructions on food intake are given when someone gets braces for the first time. It may take you some time to remember what you can eat with braces on and what you should avoid. It might seem a lot to process but once you start getting used to it, you would be able to follow the guidelines easily. To encourage yourself, you can give yourself little rewards if you follow the instructions properly.

If you (or your child) get braces, follow the above routine to maintain good oral hygiene.

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