Flavoured Herbal Tea & Common Concerns Regarding It: A Guide

Flavoured Herbal Tea

Tea is one of the most popular beverages all over the world. From summer to winter, the need for tea never ceases in most parts of the world. Flavoured teas have recently gained popularity beyond imagination, providing a great twist to the known tea flavour.

Australia’s first tea shop opened in 1883, and there’s been no going back since. Australia has had a long and storied history with tea, from kicking off its tea-production factories in the 1980s and admitting Italian, Indian, and Ceylonese flavours over the ears. As such, there are many kinds of flavoured teas in Australia, and they have been explored in recent years. However, many people have some questions and concerns about these teas because it is a new phenomenon.

Various Kinds of Flavoured Herbal Tea

Many kinds of flavoured tea are available in different parts of the world, and the following are some of the most popular ones in Australia:

Lemon and Lemon Matcha

With the energising citrus flavour of lemon, most premium brands produce lemon green tea. It has become a popular source of antioxidants with 100% Natural elements. And being the second most popular flavour, lemon is always a hot favourite.

The origin of the Lemon Matcha Green Tea lies in Japan, and it works wonders for weight loss. Likewise, many believe that Matcha tea has ten times the nutritious value of green tea.

Mint and Earl Grey

Mint tea is popular in Australia as a source of refreshment. Also, many people turn these flavours into iced teas. As such, earl grey is a comparatively rarer flavour with the fragrance of bergamot; it is a niche choice that varies from individual to individual.

Peach Flavours

Peach is a popular flavour in Australia among both green and black tea lovers. Those who like peach flavour in other food might try it because of the tea’s natural peach extracts. Peach flavour green tea has a smooth aftertaste that is hard to describe. It comes from the fragrance and transforms into something else.

Various Questions or Concerns About Flavoured Herbal Tea

Is There Sugar in Fruit-Flavoured Herbal Tea?

It is better to read the labels for accurate information about the ingredients before buying the tea. Though, most flavoured teas don’t have any extra sugar.

How Can You Retain the Flavour of the Tea in the Best Way Possible?

An airtight container is a must for preserving the flavour of the tea. Still, it is better if the container is not larger than the quantum of tea leaves. Many people complain about big jars destroying the flavour of the tea, and there is a scientific reason behind it! With the emptying of tea leaves, the blank space in the jar increases, and therefore, air and moisture within the jar slowly destroy the essence of the flavour.

In Terms of the Popularity of Flavour, Which Flavour Stands Second?

According to many surveys, lemon is the second most popular flavour. People like to try the tanginess that is available in lemon.

How Do You Infuse Tea With Diverse Flavours?

Over the years, tea masters have perfected the art of infusing various flavours in the tea. Also, on a realistic note, to pick out suitable flavours, people have to go through multiple brands while picking the same flavour. And among the best brands, most people find their one true match.

According to surveys, weekly at least once, 50% of the Australian population consumes tea. Therefore, the tea market is huge in the country that is meant to grow by 2.61% by the end of 2025. So, no wonder the kinds of teas in Australia are so full of diversity. And if one pays attention, Australia’s geographical positioning and cultural diversity can vouch for the unconventionality and experimentation of choices.

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