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In 2009, the digital money known as Bitcoin first appeared. It is a decentralised currency that isn’t owned by a centralised organisation or institution of higher power. The blockchain, a peer-to-peer network, is the platform on which Bitcoinruns. You can buy bitcoin with paypal easily. 


Without the use of middlemen like banks, individuals can conduct transactions thanks to blockchain technology. A public ledger called the blockchain is where transactions are recorded. Transparency and security are thus guaranteed. 

Mining is the method used to create bitcoin. Computer power is used in mining to solve challenging mathematical puzzles. By validating transactions and adding them to the public ledger, the mining process protects the security of the blockchain buy bitcoin in nigeria.

Supply and demand:

Supply and demand plays a role in how much bitcoin is worth. The price of bitcoin rises together with the level of demand. The price of bitcoin decreases when demand is weak. The value of Bitcoin is prone to sharp fluctuations. In recent years, bitcoin’s price has fluctuated significantly, reaching record highs and then falling sharply.

Because of its limited quantity, bitcoin has a significant degree of volatility. About 21 million bitcoins are mineable, and as of right now, there are about 18.6 million in use. Because of the scarcity that results from bitcoin’s restricted quantity, its value increases.

The adoption rate of bitcoin also has an impact on its value. Its value rises as more individuals start utilising bitcoin. Over the years, the adoption rate of bitcoin has been continuously rising, and today, a large number of companies accept it as a form of payment.

Benefits of bitcoin:

  • Bitcoin has a few benefits over conventional currencies as well. The opportunity to conduct business without middlemen is one of the biggest benefits. Banks and other financial institutions are no longer required, which saves money and time.
  • Bitcoin transactions may be made from anywhere in the world and are quick and safe. Bitcoin also provides a high level of privacy because transactions are not connected to a person’s personal data. Bitcoin has become a well-liked currency for illegal operations like money laundering and drug trafficking as a result of this, though.
  • Bitcoin’s future is unknown. While some think it could eventually replace all other currencies, others have doubts about its long-term viability. The limited scalability of bitcoin is one of its problems. Blockchain may not take off as a common currency since the existing technology can only handle a certain number of transactions per second.

Final verdict:

Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency today, with a market cap of almost $188 billion. Its rising popularity has had a profound impact on the financial market, and it has also impacted society like no other asset. The financial market has been changing exponentially over the past few decades, and it is predicted to change even more in the future. The history of finance has shown that it can profoundly impact society.

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