Where Can I Buy Ripple and Dash Cryptocurrency?

Ripple price today

Ripple (XRP) and Dash may both be digital currencies that function on their own blockchain networks, but they have divergent objectives and attributes.

XRP is engineered to streamline cross-border payments with accelerated speed and cost efficiency. To verify transactions, the Ripple blockchain leverages an unprecedented consensus mechanism known as “unique node lists,” which provides quicker transaction times than conventional banking systems can offer. Furthermore, XRP has developed relationships with influential banks and financial institutions – a move that could augment its payment solutions’ adoption rate. Despite these successes, however, severe regulatory pushback from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission resulted in their filing of litigation against Ripple recently. The Ripple price today is $0.44, with the cap exceeding $22 billion.

Dash is a private, secure, and immediate cryptocurrency that uses two-tier validation of transactions. The miners process the operations while the masternodes deliver additional features such as InstantSend and PrivateSend. It has also got a self-government and financing model which lets its community present projects that are sponsored by treasury funds with a voting system enabled for it. Dash’s price today is $62.43 with a cap of over $62.43 million.

So Ripple and Dash both operate on their own blockchain networks with distinct purposes. Ripple is designed to supply quick and cost-efficient international payments, while Dash intends to offer privacy as well as immediate transactions through a self-governing and autonomous funding model. Now let’s see how to buy Dash and Ripple coins.

Where and How to Buy Ripple and Dash?

We offer buying assets on the WhiteBIT platform. Here is an algorithm of how to buy Dash or XRP:

  1. Get started on the WhiteBIT exchange by providing your details and verifying your identity.
  2. Fund your WhiteBIT account in mere minutes by taking advantage of one of our convenient deposit options.
  3. After funding your account, head over to the trading page and select either XRP or Dash crypto as the pair you’d like to purchase.
  4. Make a purchase order by inputting the quantity of XRP or Dash you are wanting to acquire and the cost you’ll pay.
  5. After your purchase order is fulfilled, your XRP or Dash will be securely added to your account balance. 
  6. You can opt to draw out your XRP or Dash from the WhiteBIT exchange, or remain active in trading there. If you choose to take them out, simply transfer them to an external wallet of your choice.

WhiteBIT is the perfect option for those just beginning to explore cryptocurrency due to its user-friendly platform that quickly guides even the newest traders. With high liquidity and trading volume, you can make your purchase or sale of assets at a competitive price without delay.

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