How NetBaseQuid Market Intelligence Tools Empower Businesses

Market Intelligence

NetBase Quid is a global leader in providing businesses with AI-powered consumer and market intelligence to enhance their growth in a competitive and changing environment. The company relies on artificial intelligence to interpret a vast pool of structured and unstructured data that clients use to make accurate, fast, and efficient decisions.

NetBase Quid Marketing Analytics Tools

Netbase Quid offers advanced market intelligence tools that analyze customers’ posts to derive sentiments and meaning, allowing brands to understand what customers are saying. Monitoring posts on social media reveals a lot of helpful customer information, including their attitude, needs, and willingness to purchase. Users of these tools have access to an in-built dashboard that provides data in the form of graphs, charts, and heat maps. Users can know the most shared content on different channels, identify emerging trends, and engage posts. Some of the most common marketing analytics tools that NetBase Quid provides include brand health monitoring tools, product innovation tools, and campaign performance measurement tools. Below is a discussion of these tools and how brands benefit from using them to grow their business and overcome competition in the market.

Brand Health Monitoring Tool

Netbase Quid helps brands monitor and protect their brand health by enabling them to understand their brand health metrics and know where they stand in the market. When a business understands how its clients and media talk about its brand experiences, it can actively protect its brand health and build brand equity. With Netbase Quid market intelligence tools, brands can explore large volumes of customer experience data from whichever source and find out what customers and media are saying and sharing about their brand every moment. Besides, the consumer feedback channels and media help to monitor brand perception in real time. This gives brands visibility into conversations and content that shape consumer opinion. In addition, tracking brand sentiments and the volume of conversations over time will be crucial in evaluating whether the situation is getting worse or better. Therefore, using market intelligence tools to monitor brand health lets businesses know what excites customers most and leverage those insights to enhance loyalty.

Campaign Performance Measurement Tool

NetBase Quid empowers businesses to improve their campaign performance through its social and market analytic tools. These tools create in-depth profiles of target customers, enabling brands to focus their effort, time and funds to reach their client acquisition goals. A brand gains a deeper understanding of its target audience to enhance its segmentation and targeting. In addition, market intelligence tools give social analytics insights that enable brands to align their marketing messages for every channel. Brands can also involve passionate brand advocates to increase customer reach and influence others to take action. Analyzing customer experiences allows the creation of authentic experiences through user-generated content such as video and visual content and integrating popular social channels and trending topics into content strategy. Analyzing the performance of your historical campaigns will also provide significant insights that help to develop new strategies for maximizing future campaign results.

Product Innovation Tool

NetBase Quid in-build databases and interactive data visualization empower brands to stay alert for emerging innovations, detect risks, and focus on growth opportunities. The AI-powered market research capabilities help identify industry and product trends as they appear and gaps that need to be filled. It is also easy to accurately profile the target audience for the product innovation investment. Besides, NetBase Quid tools look for the next disruptive technology by analyzing data from social media, patent applications, and company profiles. Utilizing a full variety of data resources reveals technology and product innovation opportunities for businesses. Another role of this tool is to perform a strategic risk analysis to detect potential risks and information you need to act proactively. Utilizing this tool can help brands introduce progressive solutions to the market and stay ahead of their competitors.

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