Minimalist skincare routine: Yay or nay?

Minimalist skincare routin

Minimalism is gaining traction for some time now, and we can all admit, it is rather convenient. Who has the money to buy so much stuff, space for storage and time for upkeep.

But minimalism is not just limited now to your wardrobe or home interior; it has also paved way into the skincare as well, and we like it.

Of course, you should not be disbanding the use of skincare products and protocols that your dermatologist, Dr. Rabia Ishfaq, gave you, since they are important for the maintenance of a healthy skin. But you may consider cutting back on rest of the skincare products that are cramped up on your vanity and gathering dust therein.

The benefits of minimalist skincare

Less products mean less irritation

Many a times, people slather on so many skincare products, that inevitably then lead to irritation and inflammation. It is also then harder to tell which product is the culprit.

But when you are using specific and few products, there is a lesser chance of running into irritation. And even if you do, you know which products are part of the problem.

Less money wasted

Skincare products do not come cheap. They cost every precious penny, but the return on these skincare products might not come through for you.

So, instead of using skincare products that are not required or not beneficial for you, you use only the ones that are effective. It also then allows you to splurge a little on the basics, as you go for quality over quantity.

Better for the environment

It is high time that we become conscious about our purchases, as they have a direct impact on the environment. Make skincare products uses a lot of resources, and mindful spending allows then is better for the planet.

Some products are redundant anyways

Thanks to marketing, you’re sold the idea that you need a lot of skincare products. However, many a times, products turn out to be redundant, as the ingredients overlap. So, instead of overwhelming the skin with too much of the same product, you use just the right quantity.

More convenient

While a 20-step skincare routine might work out for you, but such a setup is exhausting. For those with busy routines, it might not be possible to continue with such a complex skincare regimen.

Moreover, it is not easy to lug around so many skincare products. So, when you are traveling, you cannot continue with the routine then.

However, having a minimal skincare allows you to get done with the skincare protocols fairly quickly, which allows you to be more regular as well. Fewer products can also be carried conveniently around in the vanity bag as well.

Things to include in your minimalist skincare routine

There are some skincare essentials that should be in your skincare routine. These include:


A moisturizer is a must; it helps in keeping your skin hydrated. It also ensures that you have a strong skin barrier, that then protects your skin from breaking out.

Moreover, dehydrated skin also looks dull and is itchy. So, have a good moisturizer on you. Use is at least twice a day. For in summers, it is good to have a thin moisturizer in form of a lotion, so your skin can breathe. But in winters, a cream might be necessary as skin is more prone to dryness.


Sunscreen helps in protecting your skin from damage by sunlight. It thus helps in preventing pigmentation, premature aging, drying of the skin alongside protecting against skin cancer as well. So, during the day, wear sunscreen, replenishing it after every two hours.


A good cleanser is required to keep your skin clean, especially if you have oil and acne-prone skin.


A good serum for targeted treatment is effective. Vitamin C serums are especially good, but those with retinols, and acids can also be used.

Word of caution

It is imperative that if you have some skin condition, you consult your dermatologist via before using any product. Similarly, prior to using any new skincare item, patch test first on your neck, lese you are allergic to the product.

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