Online Facial Recognition – A Reliable Way of Entering into the Digital World

Online Facial Recognition - A Reliable Way of Entering into the Digital World

Finding and detecting someone through an image is made easier through online facial recognition. Biometric technology has come a long way in advancement. It allows tracking people’s identities by validating their face in an image and combining it with data from monitoring cameras and online profiles. 

Facial Recognition Technology Taking over the World 

As the world moves towards the technology of using fingerprints and face detection, many people interact with facial recognition software now, as this technology enables its user to grant access to various applications, services, or systems. As per the entertaining standards, face recognition technology can allow users to search for their lookalikes online. 

It is one of the most demanded biometric identification methods that has been taken into account by a lot of businesses, providing them benefits in a quicker amount of time. From preventing retail crimes, unlocking phones, finding missing persons, protecting laws enforcement to smarter advertising, all of these services are assisted through face recognition in making the world a safer, smarter, and more convenient place to live.

How does Face Recognition Technology Work?

Face recognition generally uses body measures, head, face, to identify and verify a person’s identity through its unique biometric pattern and data of facial expressions, which also then provides authentication to the person.

The face verification system is unique to other systems that take up passwords, fingerprints, and email verifications to grant permissions in accessing services. It uses the mathematical and dynamic patterns of biometric facial recognition. 

The Online Facial Recognition Software works on a Principle of a Two-Step Process:

  1. In the first step, the facial recognition system captures the facial expression from all possible sides associating it with an identity, and records it in the system. This process is commonly referred to as digital onboarding with facial recognition. 
  2. In the next step, when the user again comes in contact with the facial recognition system, they are authenticated, prior to being registered, and then the data being captured by the camera is then cross-checked by the existing data to match the results and allow access.

Making Life Easier with Online Face Verification Solution

As new technologies are surging in the world, they provide their own set of benefits to their users. Similarly, facial verification systems have made life hassle-free without the need of remembering a ton of passwords for various websites, it can also prove to be beneficial as a time-efficient tool that enhances the life of people in its unique way.

There are 5 certain situations in which we particularly use this technology:

  1. Two-Step verification
  2. Log into previous accounts easily
  3. Access to business buildings for workers on a daily basis
  4. In-app purchases and online payments are made quicker 
  5. Access to smartphone applications without the need for a password

Search Engines Searching For New Faces

Not only various services but there are tons of mobile applications as well that are utilizing face recognition technologies to differentiate faces from photographs. There are various such applications that actively functions on protecting the privacy of its user and securing their digital information and data.

While everyone is moving along with the face verification systems, search engines are also seen providing this feature to cater to their users’ needs. Some of the popular search engines doing this are:

→Google Images Search – Reverse Image Search: The user can either upload an image or paste its URL to find similar pictures. Document verification service is also used to verify documents.

→TinEye’s – Reverse Image Search: Much similar to Google Images, users can either upload the image URL or paste it to search for it. The only difference is it links to the pages where the images are found.

→PicTriev – Face Recognition: Users upload images and search for their lookalike celebrities online.

→PimEyes – Face Search: Provides searching options for similar faces on over 10 million websites.

Concluding The New world of Online Facial Recognition 

With the increasing usage of artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies, online facial recognition has indeed made the world a more secure place but this majorly depends upon how the society utilizes this software is what it matters on both for the governmental concerns and for the public. As every technology has its own share of benefits and flaws, the danger in facial recognition software lies as it works upon an automated generated method and poses a threat towards technical inaccuracies. However, despite these factors face verification technology has proved to be a powerful tool immersing into the world at a fast pace as it is designed to make tasks be completed in a short span of time. Moreover, if the concept of facial recognition is used ethically then it can prove to improve public security and enhance customer experience.

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