Translation Services for Fast-Growing Tech Markets

Fast-Growing Tech Markets

When it comes to reaching customers around the world, businesses need to be able to translate their product and service content. This is especially true in fast-growing tech markets.

Translation services are a critical part of a global business, as they help ensure that communication is effective and error-free. This helps maintain a strong reputation and protects against misunderstandings that could damage your brand and potentially cost you money.

Language Scientific

Language Scientific is a global translation services company founded and managed by translators with backgrounds in science and technology. Their unique processes and applied technologies deliver precise global communication in more than 215 languages.

Language is a critical part of the scientific process, as it allows scientists and researchers to exchange information with each other. This information can lead to new discoveries that could impact the world.

As the scientific world is expanding and becoming more globalized, the need for accurate technical translations is increasingly important. This requires a deep understanding of the source language’s scientific terms, and an awareness of the latest technologies and terminology.

Medical translations are particularly challenging, as they must be accurate and up to date with the latest research. They also need to comply with stringent regulatory laws, especially for the US, the EU and Japan.


SimulTrans provides translation services for businesses to engage with international customers worldwide. They translate software, documents and websites into over 100 languages.

Founded in 1984, they have offices in the US and Europe. They are ISO 9001 certified and focus on quality – their customers benefit from years of experience.

They work with specialized linguists who have subject matter expertise and can deliver accurate translations that convey the original meaning. The company also has cloud-based project management tools so clients can stay in the loop at any time.

The cost of translating depends on offer and demand, as well as the cost of living in the country in which the language is spoken. For example, in developed European countries, the prices for translating English are relatively high. However, in developing nations, such as China and Mexico, they are more affordable. This is due to the low labor costs in these countries. So, it is important to choose a company that can provide a good price-quality ratio.


Gengo is a global language service platform that specializes in helping companies communicate with customers all over the world. Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, Gengo helps businesses connect with new audiences through high-quality translations at affordable rates.

In addition to human translation, Gengo offers a professional translation API that software developers can embed into their apps or services. It also has a retail translation product called Gengo Express that enables users to upload text or documents for translation through a web form.

A key benefit of using Gengo is the quality of their translations, as they have over 21,000 translators around the world who can translate content into any language. Moreover, they offer low, per-word prices so you can pay for only what you need without any additional charges.

Gengo also lets their translators work part-time as well, which makes it a good option for those who want to earn extra money. However, they do require you to pass a test before you can start working for them.


TheWordPoint is an online language translation service that offers a simple, affordable way to translate your documents and more. They offer over 100 languages and varying rates depending on the type of translation you need and how quickly you want it done.

The company’s translators have extensive experience in the fields of law, medicine, finance and technology. They work directly with clients to ensure their content is translated correctly.

In addition to providing translation services, TheWordPoint also provides desktop publishing (DTP) and localization testing. These services help businesses reach international audiences with their marketing materials.

Before committing to a translation vendor, look for quality samples of their work. Ask them for examples of recent projects and run these by a trusted, language-sensitive native speaker.

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