What to do if your partner has depression?


Depression is a mental health condition that leads to changes in mood. People suffering from this disease tend to feel sad, hopeless, worthless, guilty, and have difficulty in concentrating on things.

Moreover, depression also causes changes in sleep and appetite. It leads to bouts of crying as well. Some people might also have suicidal thoughts.

Good news is depression can be managed with medication prescribed by the Best Psychiatrist in Lahore.

However, even with medication, people with depression need a nurturing environment to improve their condition. They need to be around people who understand their state and empathize.

What to do if your partner has depression?

Romantic relationships play an important role in our lives, and our wellbeing. For people suffering from depression, having a partner who is cognizant of their struggles is very important. However, here comes the tricky part; even if you partner wants to help you, they might not know precisely how to.

Therefore, it is important that if your partner has depression, that you offer them extra support. Some helpful things in this regard to do include:

Educate yourself

Just as you would read up on heart disease if your partner was diagnosed with it, it is important that you also do your research when your partner is suffering from depression.

It is crucial that you know their symptoms, what medication they are taking and its impact on their mood, how to go about offering support. You can also join groups that focus on offering guidance and support for people whose partner has depression.

Don’t dismiss them

People who are depressed might also suffer from not just mental health problems but physical ailments as well. It is pertinent, therefore, that you do not dismiss their complaints. It is not all in their head; they are genuinely in a lot of anguish.

In this endeavor, you also need to disentangle the facts from the fiction, as there is a lot of misinformation and myths about depression and its symptoms.

Motivate them

Depression leads to extreme feelings of melancholy. Alongside treatment, patients also need emotional support and words of motivation. Hence, offer them hope by motivating them. Tell them how much they matter and show them your love.

Offer unconditional support

An important component for any relationship, but especially when one is suffering from depression, is by offering unconditional support. Your partner needs you the most, and you thus need to be there for them.

They might not be able to always make dinner for you, dress up, partake in romantic activities, but it should not deter you from offering them support.

Stay strong

People who suffer from depression might not always be able to be there for you. Their depression episodes might require them to retreat within themselves.

It may then become challenging for you at this time, but you need to stay strong. Know that when they are feeling down, they are unable to, themselves, moderate their emotions; it is not that they are deliberately doing it. And it is more painful for them than for you. Hence, do not add to their grief by taking umbrage during this time.

Cater to own self

You can only take care of your partner if you yourself are in good state of health and mind. Therefore, also pay attention to your health by eating well, sleeping on time, exercising, focusing on social connections etc.

Furthermore, to help keep your stress at bay, also try coping strategies like meditation, breathing exercises, yoga, and other forms of relaxation techniques.

Get them to the doctor

If you notice that your partner is not doing good, or that they are due a visit to the doctor, but they are reluctant, you need to help them get to the Best Psychiatrist in Karachi. It is vital that professional help is not forsaken in this condition.

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